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“Borderlands 2” trailer – dubstepped for your pleasure

Borderlands 2. Gunnier than ever before.

If you enjoyed Gearbox’s splendidly insane RPG shooter “Borderlands”, you’ll be very cheered up by a look at the trailer for the second instalment, due in your local emporium from September 2012.

"Borderlands 2" - now with much less violence. Ahem...

Same art style, new characters, more gun parts to craft and combine, the return of a lovely dancing friend and more mayhem than can reasonably be fitted comfortably into three minutes – I’d say that it’s worth a look.


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“Doctor Who” season 7 begins filming…

I'm putting the old band back together...

We don’t know when it’s going to air, exactly how many episodes will be in it or how it will tie into the 50th anniversary of the series next year – but we do know that season seven of “Doctor Who” has begun filming in Cardiff.


The smart money has it that we’ll see at least some episodes this Autumn with the normal Christmas special, and the remainder of the run showing up in the early part of 2013.   How this fits into the BBC’s 50th anniversary plans is anybody’s guess.

If you want more guff on writers, directors and guest stars – Mark Williams, anybody? – why not head over to SFX magazine’s comprehensive coverage here…

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