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“Danger 5” – Nazi Dinosaurs Are GO!

Even insomnia’s wretched grasp can’t make this post any less awesome.

What, you've never seen a man-sized avian with a neat blazer before?

Thanks to the stealthy internet ninjas of NeoGaf, I present to you the wonderful, glorious, incomparable trailer for “Danger 5” – the new project from the visionaries who previously brought you “Italian Spiderman”.

James Cameron-level effects work is easy - letting the wires show is hardcore...

Think ‘Gerry Anderson meets the guys who make “Archer” ably assisted by Trey Parker and Matt Stone¬†whilst doing copious amounts of instant espresso straight out of the jar’ and then sit back and delight in the wonder which ensues.

Sometimes, a picture's natural beauty cannot be captioned...

You can see more at the Danger 5 website – and on Dinosaur Worldwide’s YouTube page.


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