“Danger 5” – Nazi Dinosaurs Are GO!

Even insomnia’s wretched grasp can’t make this post any less awesome.

What, you've never seen a man-sized avian with a neat blazer before?

Thanks to the stealthy internet ninjas of NeoGaf, I present to you the wonderful, glorious, incomparable trailer for “Danger 5” – the new project from the visionaries who previously brought you “Italian Spiderman”.

James Cameron-level effects work is easy - letting the wires show is hardcore...

Think ‘Gerry Anderson meets the guys who make “Archer” ably assisted by Trey Parker and Matt Stone whilst doing copious amounts of instant espresso straight out of the jar’ and then sit back and delight in the wonder which ensues.

Sometimes, a picture's natural beauty cannot be captioned...

You can see more at the Danger 5 website – and on Dinosaur Worldwide’s YouTube page.



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