When Superhero costumes go…strange.


Fernacular examines what would happen if male Superhero costumes objectified the male form in the same way that funnybooks have done for Superheroines since the genre began.

I watched an episode of the Canadian IFC series, “Ink – Alter Egos Exposed”, which dealt with this issue and it really set me to thinking about why so many of the shows, movies and genre entertainments that I enjoy insist on depicting heroines in costumes which are so utterly impractical for the kinds of action that they’re engaged in.

There’s a fine line between celebrating female strength and a visit to the cheesecake factory and it’s one that comics seem to struggle with more than any other part of the Geek-o-Sphere.  Why is it that mainstream comics want to view heroines almost exclusively through the male gaze – we have female artists, writers and editors at the big two, but we still end up with stuff like the recent Starfire controversy which ends up turning off a large section of a niche audience, with legitimate objections to this redrawing of a popular character being dismissed with a kind of patronising pat on the head 

I think the awesome webcomic ‘Shortpacked!’ summed up DC’s dunder-headed, retrogressive gender politics brilliantly.




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2 responses to “When Superhero costumes go…strange.

  1. Geek Soul Brother

    Good Stuff. Some artist have been bringing this to light with comical depictions like these.

    On another note: I put you down for one of my choices for my 7 x 7 Award. One of my fans chose me and I’m accepting it by choosing 7 blogs that I like. You can check out the post I did about it here http://geeksoulbrother.com/2012/03/02/lets-hear-it-for-the-7-x-7-award/
    If your into this sort of thing I put the instructions on the post. Keep up the good work Rick.

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