Seven X Seven – a blogging best of…


Thanks to the ever awesome Geek Soul Brother for nominating me for the 7 X 7 award – I will do my utmost to live up to this honour and pay it forward to some deserving bloggers.

My first duty, as part of this post, is to share seven, hitherto unknown facts about myself and ensure that most of them have some basis in fact.

Veronica Mars and Backup - awesome show, much missed.

1) I’ve only ever walked out of three films in nearly forty years of going to the cinema – the Harrison Ford/Julia Ormond remake of “Sabrina” (because it was overrunning), “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” (because life’s too short) and “Out for Justice” (because it was a Steven Seagal flick that wasn’t “Under Siege”).

2) I’m terrible at maths.  Never ask me to make change for you.  Or, on second thought, do.

3) I used to write for a regional newspaper, back in the day, as one of their teen journalists.  And later on, I reviewed TV for my local newspaper, before blogging gave us all a voice.

4) I really, really loved “Veronica Mars” and was bloody grumpy when it was cancelled.

5) “SFX” magazine introduced me to my wife.  Thanks, SFX!

6) I take a size 14 shoe.  Thank the Makers for online shoe stores.

7) Before I owned a PC, I used to obsessively haunt an internet cafe in my old home town to get the daily updates on the making of “Titanic”.

30% of my blog traffic seems to come from "Underworld" posts. Gotta go with what people are reading, I guess...

To the second part of the 7 X 7 process – nominating seven posts from my blog by theme…

Most BeautifulMinnie the scrappy terrier’s health woes (she’s doing a lot better – she’s a hardy wee dog).

Most Helpful“Underworld: Awakening” gets a UK cinema rating (still gets hits – what gives?).

Most Popular“Skyrim walkthrough” (the most popular thing that I’ve written about by far – for a game I dare not play).

Most Controversial“Terrorist Halloween costume for kids” (I am, still to this day, devoid of words on this matter).

Most Surprisingly Successful“Pathfinder” DVD review (gets around 10-15 hits a week, possibly due to Karl Urban’s bare chest).

Most Underrated“Priest” Blu-Ray review (my fingers were worn husks after writing this – it took forever and nobody ever read it!).

Most Pride Worthy“Bonfire of the Nerderies – The Last Starfighter” (a movie that I love and a piece that I’m really happy with).

My final duty, as part of this fine award’s requirements, is to nominate seven other bloggers for your attention…

Rolling Eyeballs – she sews, she cooks, she acts, she blogs.

Frivolous Monsters – Wit and weirdness reflected on for your reading pleasure.

The Movie Montage – A great supporter of this blog, who looks at films from a distinctive perspective.

Hammy (Not the Hamster) – Lots of interesting writing, with a great voice – there’s always something interesting to read from him

Creature with the Atom Brain – Want horror reviews?  Go here.

Sunshine Tomorrow – Television reviews, interesting even to guys like me who watch less TV nowadays than they ever have.

Polentical – A dizzying array of opinions on topics from the political to the personal, as concerned with pop culture as the economy and a genuinely great read.

So, a thanks once more to Geek Soul Brother for his kind nomination and a suggestion that you’ll find good reading via any of the bloggers listed above.  Thanks to all of you who read this blog – your feedback, support and kindness are very much appreciated.


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7 responses to “Seven X Seven – a blogging best of…

  1. I’m still grumpy about ‘Veronica Mars’.

  2. Thank you for the nomination, I am truly privileged! But if I return the favour (as a guaranteed entry in my 7) then surely it means you must write another blog post!

    Let’s hear another 7 until now unknown facts about you! Fingers crossed for more info on why you entered the cinema for Transformers! Drunk, bored, some form of cinematic self torture, or all of the above?

    Cheers again! Very much appreciated! 🙂

    • Big explosions, fighting robots, absurd action sequences – the “Transformers” sequel had all of that, but also some of Michael Bay’s other, less delightful concerns – you can count them off, really.

      Disgusting racist stereotypes? Yup. Sticking the camera so close to Megan Fox’s butt that it constituted some kind of medical exam? Indeed.

      For whatever reason, the first movie didn’t seem as offensive, but the second one made me want to head over to California, track down the errant film maker and remonstrate with him until common sense found him.

      No danger of that happening any time soon…

      • Haaa, If you manage to track him down in the house that CGI bastardisations of childhood favourites and poor modern remakes of classic horror built, then I would avoid mentioning the Megan Fox arse examination – he may well want to include that in the next sequel!

  3. Summit10

    My sincerest thanks for the nomination, though time will always be a constant detriment for us to acknowledge this gesture of kindness, I will gladly return the favor as soon as I am able to.

    I will be posting it in my my MOST WANTED tab. Cheers! 🙂

  4. Geek Soul Brother

    You’re welcome Rick. I have to check out these posts and other blogs you listed.

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