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Do Androids Dream of PS3?

French developer Quantic Dream have a great relationship with Sony – their last game, the interactive noir drama “Heavy Rain” was a system-testing graphics showcase with some missteps in storytelling but truly stunning animation technology underpinning the title.

Apparently, that wasn’t enough for Quantic Dream’s leader, David Cage, who wants to make a game which will make you cry (Wow, he’s played the PS3 port of “Dragon Age”, too…)


The latest tech demo from Quantic, “Kara”, is just that – it’s not a game but a proof of concept for the developer’s technology and this week’s Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco has let us see what the secretive, always ambitious Cage is now playing with.

I don’t know what I was more impressed by when watching this clip – the quality of the animation, the capture of actress Valorie Curry’s performance, the concise and engrossing storytelling or the apparent fact that this footage was running in real time on a PS3.

If this is what talented developers can do on a PS3, Sony’s repeated insistence that there’s life in the black box yet (and that PS4’s a way off) carry more weight for me.

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Venom spin-off to lick audiences inappropriately?

For some reason, this week has become a comics news special – not sure why, but I go where the nerdery is.

Fresh from quite a few people liking his debut feature, effed-up geek superhero cautionary tale “Chronicle”, director Josh Trank is being linked to a putative “Spider-Man” spin-off featuring fragrant, delightful and in no way sociopathic anti-hero, Venom.  The LA Times’ ’24 Frames’ blog has more.

What a delight he must be at the dinner table.

You may remember him from the tag-team of villains who rocked-up to make Peter Parker’s life a merry hell in the third “Spider-Man” film.

And now, if you wouldn’t mind, a moment of silence for those of us still living with our painful memories of that particular sequel and its arguable nadir, Emo Spidey.

If I might be so bold, though, the one thing about that movie which wasn’t as stinky as a pallet of week-old fish would have been Topher Grace’s excellent performance as embittered shutterbug Eddie Brock, whose embodiment of alien symbiote heel Venom was clearly one of the most watchable things in the film.

In the way of these things, however, that’s probably for the birds and Sony’s primary concern will possibly be to run interference and possibly use one of those nifty Men In Black memory erasing pens to convince us that “Spider-Man 3” never happened and that Venom’s an entirely new character which we’ve never seen before on screen!

Sony apparently wish to pitch Venom as a dark anti-hero in the Wolverine mode – albeit with more slurping and a singularly unpleasant costume.  I’ll go out on a limb and say that we’ll see this in 2014, prior to the second in the new “Spider-Man” series with Andrew Garfield, cause I’m crazy like that.

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