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“Primeval: New Dawn” grabs dino-hunters


Remember that “Primeval” spin-off which was being mooted last year?  Well, it’s going ahead and has signed up a complement of genre tv faves to battle anomaly-surfing dinosaurs and weird beasties in the Great White North.

Your female lead is Sara Canning, who is perhaps best known to fans of fangs as Jenna in the CW’s “The Vampire Diaries”.  

Sara Canning. She's in the "Primeval" spin-off, you know...

As I’ve never seen the show, I am somewhat at a disadvantage in discussing her suitability for the fraught business of running away from CG monsters, but the stuff that I’ve seen on YouTube of Ms Canning’s work in that show has me comparing her to Amy Adams, which can’t be anything but a recommendation.  Canning’s going to be an expert on predator attacks in the show (which clearly means that she has to say ‘Get to da choppa!’ at some point…)


Somebody that I can speak of with more experience is Niall Matter, late of the unjustly-cancelled and excellent SyFy comedy drama, “Eureka”.  In a wholesale turn-about from his role as buff nerd and bad boy Zane, Matter’s apparently going to be playing an inventor and ‘visionary hero’ in this spin-off.  I suspect anti-dino weapons, gadgets and frequent shirtlessness to be the order of the day – if you’ve got it, flaunt the living beggary out of it, am I right?

The Hollywood Reporter’s story on the show also suggests that “Stargate”/”Sanctuary” genre telly royalty Amanda Tapping will be directing episodes in the 13 week run, along with some of her old muckers like Andy Mikita and Martin Wood, names instantly familiar to anybody who’s ever had a Sunday afternoon “Stargate SG-1” marathon.

With Andrew-Lee Potts doing guest shots in the first run, I can’t help but feel that this show will be right up my alley when it apparently airs in 2013…


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