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Liff, the Universe and Everything…

In the proudest tradition of Douglas Adams (“I love deadlines.  I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by”), I’m appropriately late in reminding you that it would have been his 60th birthday on Sunday 11th March.


His death in 2001 at the appallingly early age of 49 robbed the world of a splendid human being, half decent guitarist and astute chronicler of humanity’s many foibles – that he’s not around today to write about a world where Sarah Palin, “The X-Factor” and Microsoft operating systems are taken seriously is probably for the best.


Why not remember him at his best with his lecture “Parrots, The Universe and Everything”, hosted for our enjoyment by the modern miracle which is YouTube.

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For the film-goer who has everything – free motion sickness with every ticket!

Not content with adding scaled-down IMAX screens into various multiplexes up and down the UK, cinema chain Cineworld have started to add D-Box systems to some of their theatres too.


American readers may be more familiar with the idea of paying a premium to have an experience somewhere between riding an indoor rollercoaster and having your seat mounted to a Subwoofer synced to the on-screen action, but this is all new to we Brits (I once spent a screening of “Hellboy: The Golden Army” engaged in a studious effort to not move too much so that the utterly broken seat I was sitting in wouldn’t completely implode on me – I assume that D-Box is similar and you have to pay more.  Ah, progress…).

Cineworld’s movieplex in Glasgow is the first to benefit from a steady stream of frequently queasy patrons, with more locations adding personal vomit comets over the next 24 months.

You know, I think that I might pass on this innovation, if it’s all the same to you…

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