Sophia Myles – is she The Doctor’s new companion?

No arguments here - best guest star ever to become rocking new TARDIS guest?

Bleeding Cool’s detectives have gone digging and put together compelling evidence that Sophia Myles – she of awesome Lady Pompadour guest appearance in Tennant-era classic “Doctor Who” episode, ‘The Girl In The Fireplace’ – could be the next person to hitch a ride through space and time.

Evidence, part the first – she’s been in the show before, as were Freema Agyeman, Karen Gillan, Colin Baker and Nicholas Courtney before taking on larger roles.

Evidence, part the second – much Twittering between Myles and the Moffat and Sophia’s recent remarks about  packing for a trip to Spain…where “Who” is currently filming.

Evidence, part the third – She’s due to show up at this month’s inaugural “Who” con, alongside the Moff and the Smith.  Might be a good time to make an announcement, no?

Your guess is as good as mine, but this is one piece of casting that I’d be behind – Hell, she’s one of the brightest spots of the first “Underworld” movie, was pretty much the only reason to see Jonathan Frakes’ live action “Thunderbirds” movie (Lady Penelope FTW) and deserves a higher profile, and has the talent to back up her casting.

Not sure how we’d go about explaining why she looks so much like one of the Doctor’s great lost loves, but that’s what the Ret-Con Defense Force are working on as we speak, I suppose…


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3 responses to “Sophia Myles – is she The Doctor’s new companion?

  1. Loved her in the fireplace!

  2. I first noticed her in the TV show Moonlight. She might be a good companion choice. Not all of the companions have to be hot like Pond, but it will be hard to follow her up with a companion who isn’t hot.

    • Sophia’s a gloriously beautiful woman – I direct you to her work in “Tristan & Isolde”, “Outlander” and “Hallam Foe” (or ‘Mr Foe’ as it was retitled in some countries).

      She’s a fantastic actress – and jaw-droppingly lovely with it.

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