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“Dark Shadows” trailer brings the Camp Vamps…

Channelling his inner Jonathan Frid to fine effect, Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's none-more-gothic "Dark Shadows"...

Neatly side-stepping the negative chatter online about the closeness of the release date and the absence of a trailer, Tim Burton’s upcoming revision of 70’s gothic soap, “Dark Shadows” now has a trailer available and it’s looking pretty keen.

Separated at birth - Eva Green and Heather Graham. Discuss?

The campy and the scary seem intertwined in this first look – we’ve got flashbacks to the tragic past of Johnny Depp’s Barnabas Collins, some broadly comedic swipes at seventies kitsch (Who hasn’t wanted to destroy a TV when the Carpenters showed up on it?) and Eva Green playing a once-spurned  Witch who won’t take no for an answer (she’s handling the scary quite well – if there’s an actress who was born to do gothic and the ‘alluring/menacing’ dichotomy , it’s Eva Green).

"Vampires sparkle? Stake me now..."

The film opens on May 11th and looks like a must-see for me – I’m just hoping that screenwriter John August and Tim Burton can get the clash of tone between daffy comedy and tragic horror to mesh, because my favourite Burton flick is “Sleepy Hollow” and this seems reasonably reminiscent of that film’s vibe.

Plus, Eva Green.  Like, wow


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“Game of Thrones” cast is more Metal than thou…


As the second season premiere approaches with all of the haste and fury of a particularly unhappy Norse Warg, why not visit Entertainment Weekly’s digest of all the Westeros-based wittering that you’re ever likely to need?

It has awesome things like the picture above – was there ever a TV show with a cast who looked more like a German Power Metal band?  I think not.



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Nathan Fillion gets new job, nerd world rejoices.

The Hammer is his...oh never mind.

Eagle-eyed readers of this richly continuity-driven blog will be aware of my as-yet-unrequited platonic man crush on clever Canuck “Castle” star, Nathan Fillion.

When he’s not gadding about on telly as sardonic best-selling novelist come NYPD consultant Richard Castle, Fillion will spend his show hiatus playing a role singularly suited to him – as Greek god Hermes in the second “Percy Jackson” adaptation from Rick Riordan’s novels, “Sea of Monsters”.

The Sea of Monsters or 'Dinner With The Cast of 'Jersey Shore' as it's also known...

What this indicates is that Fillion’s presence means I’ll probably be checking in with a sequel that I had absolutely no intention of seeing – the first movie in the series, “Percy Jackson and The Olympians – The Lightning Thief” is used in some countries as a physician-approved insomnia cure, I’m led to believe.

Hopefully a change in director and a soft-reboot of the films might manage to take very promising, can’t miss subject matter and characters and do something positive with them – Greek gods were never supposed to be as boring as the Chris Columbus-directed original made them.

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