“Game of Thrones” cast is more Metal than thou…


As the second season premiere approaches with all of the haste and fury of a particularly unhappy Norse Warg, why not visit Entertainment Weekly’s digest of all the Westeros-based wittering that you’re ever likely to need?

It has awesome things like the picture above – was there ever a TV show with a cast who looked more like a German Power Metal band?  I think not.




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2 responses to ““Game of Thrones” cast is more Metal than thou…

  1. kim

    rofl. they are having entirely too much fun!

  2. Summit10

    this show rocks!!! 😀 Can’t wait for Season 2…
    1. the Lannister’s will have their hands full left and right.
    2. can’t wait for the Stark family to beat the crap out of the Lannister’s!
    3. Sansa deserves her predicament (gullible and pathetic)
    4. Jon will have his day coming…to be recognized as a true warrior and as a Stark!
    5. Let Jaime roth in his cell (a little more beating)
    6. Tyrion is excellent as always!
    7. I’m glad Arya is going to The Wall at least his beloved half-brother can be with her…
    8. Robb is busy now please try your call later!
    9. Wish Tyrion can still have a change of heart…
    10 Joffrey Baratheon (ehem Lannister) is succeeding…villain to be despised nice one “Batboy”! 😛

    PS: least we forget…Daenery’s and her winged “babies” she bides her time until all will burn LOL 😀

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