Nathan Fillion gets new job, nerd world rejoices.

The Hammer is his...oh never mind.

Eagle-eyed readers of this richly continuity-driven blog will be aware of my as-yet-unrequited platonic man crush on clever Canuck “Castle” star, Nathan Fillion.

When he’s not gadding about on telly as sardonic best-selling novelist come NYPD consultant Richard Castle, Fillion will spend his show hiatus playing a role singularly suited to him – as Greek god Hermes in the second “Percy Jackson” adaptation from Rick Riordan’s novels, “Sea of Monsters”.

The Sea of Monsters or 'Dinner With The Cast of 'Jersey Shore' as it's also known...

What this indicates is that Fillion’s presence means I’ll probably be checking in with a sequel that I had absolutely no intention of seeing – the first movie in the series, “Percy Jackson and The Olympians – The Lightning Thief” is used in some countries as a physician-approved insomnia cure, I’m led to believe.

Hopefully a change in director and a soft-reboot of the films might manage to take very promising, can’t miss subject matter and characters and do something positive with them – Greek gods were never supposed to be as boring as the Chris Columbus-directed original made them.


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