“Green Arrow” character pic online

Remember how the CW were going to transition from their long-running “Smallville” series to a another show featuring a member of the Justice League – Green Arrow?


That’ll be Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, privileged billionaire turned bow-wielding enemy of crime.  The suit looks pretty faithful and Amell appears to be rocking a goatee – I say ‘appears’ as whoever agreed on the promo picture appears to be under the impression that our first impression of t’Arrow should be murky and difficult to make out properly – won’t somebody pay the electric bill in that photography studio?

No news yet on a full season pick-up – though if the CW have any sense, they’ll get this one on air to grab some of the DC crowd who were so loyal to the adventures of Clark Kent. 




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3 responses to ““Green Arrow” character pic online

  1. This could work. Green Arrow is a Batman style super hero; no powers. And he has an interesting story. Rich playboy type and then loses all his money and has a new sympathy and appreciation for the poor.

    Sort of like Batman with a social conscious.

    • You’ve got to say, there’s never been a better time for a hero like this to start defending regular folk from the law-flouting 1% and if the CW/producers don’t get that idea, there’s no hope for them…

  2. I loved reading Green Arrow as a kid, and could see it working well if they remember the socially conscious smarts of the character, and don’t just make it about arrow tricks.

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