Jenna-Louise Coleman gets key to the TARDIS


Oh, that Moffat.

Leave it to him to wrong-foot fans and professional observers alike by casting British actress Jenna-Louise Coleman as Matt Smith’s new TARDIS flatmate and not the much gossiped-about Sophia Myles.

She’s familiar to fans of British soap “Emmerdale”, had a brief gig on “Boston Legal” and showed up again on UK school drama “Waterloo Road”.  She’ll be seen next in the Julian Fellowes-penned “Titanic” TV drama which begins to air in the UK this weekend.


You can see an interview with her at YouTube here and expect to see her first time running down corridors in the company of a lanky gent this Christmas in the annual “Who” special.



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2 responses to “Jenna-Louise Coleman gets key to the TARDIS

  1. Okay, so I have until Xmas to catch up on a few years of Doctor Who and finally start watching in real time.

    • Go to it – you too can join the myriad “Who” fans who seem to simultaneously love and hate everything about the show!

      The seasons are shorter, so it’s not the time commitment of trying to catch up on, say, six seasons of “Bones” before a new series starts and the quality-to-duff episode ratio is pretty good.

      Go with Matt Smith’s run – Eleventh Doctor – and work backwards.

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