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Benedict Otterbatch


These Otters Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch | Tor.com.

Admittedly, I am presently struggling with a cold and appropriately medicated, but I’m still forced to ask the question – is this, like, real life?

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Phoning It In

And this is why I’m such a curmudgeon – Young Moviegoers “happy to text during movies”.

The urge to snatch mobiles out of people’s hands when I see them being used during films is one which has never quite escaped me and  one which I don’t act on as the inevitable repercussions of doing so are much worse than the annoyance of putting up with people whose ability to behave responsibly and with consideration for other people speaks volumes about their upbringing.

Cinemas which are now fitting all manner of gizmos and gadgets to enhance the cinema-going experience would get my business if they decided to fit elective ejector seats to allow disgruntled patrons to take a hands-on approach to the topic of audience irritants.

I'd pay a ticket premium to do this to texters in cinemas...

Simply put – if you think that this is an acceptable way to behave and that it doesn’t cause other members of the audience distress or annoyance then I really want to be in the crowd on a day when somebody else loses their rag with you and gives you a makeshift cellphone enema.

As for the notion in the linked story about cellphone-friendly screenings for teens and twentysomethings who can’t last an hour or two without scanning their Facebook or Twitter accounts – the Emmerich-style apocalypse can’t come quickly enough for those people.


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