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Delain’s “We Are The Others” gets a release date, finally.


After being embroiled in that old chestnut, record company politics, Dutch Symphonic Rockmeisters Delain are set to release their third album, “We Are The Others” on June 4th in the UK, with a release in Benelux and Germany slated for 1st June.  The first single, “Get The Devil Out Of Me”, is out in April (live versions are around on YouTube if you care to take a look…).

This is clearly good news if you’re a fan – symphonic metal of all stripes is pretty much my nerdy brand of catnip – and the story behind it is supremely frustrating as it illustrates why so many people won’t be sad to see the major record companies chomp the dismal dust – record company A buys smaller record company B and fires people, restructures the business and bands get caught in the middle, with their record ready to go and no ability to release it until wholly irrelevant business stuff is resolved.

Still, it appears that Delain can get on with releasing their record – frustratingly after their UK tour (which I’m going to) has finished.  Not knowing the songs didn’t make seeing Lacuna Coil any less enjoyable, so I’ll just have to do some YouTube detective work…

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New “Who” trailer is Spaghetti Cyborg cornucopia

There's a new Sheriff in time...

It escaped online mere minutes after being shown at this weekend’s first official “Doctor Who” convention, with all of the grungy cam-vision goodness that you might expect it to have.  Now, by the grace of the Crooked Warden, you can see things all proper and hi-def like.

I refer, of course, to the first teaser trailer for season seven of “Doctor Who”, which is being made even as I type these words.  If you’re spoiler-phobic, I guess that you’ll have stopped reading this post, so for the rest of us what follows is a wee bit spoiley.

The gang's all here...

We’ve got cyborg cowboys, an Egyptian lady, a bunch more robots, snowy locations, eyes on sticks, explosions, horses, Ben Browder from “Farscape” and enough western shenanigans to suggest that this “Who” story set in old-timey USA could be the best slice of retro/alt-history SF with cowboys since “Back To The Future Part 3” (I haven’t seen “Cowboys and Aliens” yet, so can’t comment on the quality or otherwise of that flick).

Ben Browder, with James Hetfield of Metallica's moustache. I hope he asked first...

All looking quite promising, I hope you’ll agree – and word has it that we may see it sooner than the widely rumoured November transmission date…

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