The Old Boys Club


Now that we’re past that whole messy ‘Chuck Norris doesn’t do swearing’ controversy which threatened to transform Sly Stallone‘s The Expendables 2″ from a proudly retro, manic action slugfest into a polite and socially acceptable family fun farrago  – it’s still R-rated in the States and will probably again be 18-rated in the UK – we can get back to the important business of looking at pictures of elderly gentlemen shooting randomly at things.

In a break with tradition, you’ll notice in the MTV Movies Blog still above that our Chuck is rocking the Indigo-lensed sunglasses with his absurdly over-sized rifle – a bold fashion statement which contrasts nicely with his urban combat wear and charming baseball cap.  It’s a look, non?


And – ooh, what a beauty of a picture.  Sly, Arnold and Bruce together again and shooting at things in the middle distance with a bunch of recently smashed glass strewn around them – it’s like old times, friends.

“The Expendables 2” kicks down your door, interrogates your cat and makes a general mess of your carpet on August 17th in the US and UK.


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2 responses to “The Old Boys Club

  1. I really wish they came up with a better title than lazily adding a ‘2’ on the end but it looks like a fun flim!

    • I know what you mean – say what you may about the relative quality of the ongoing “Die Hard” sequels, but they’ve at least tried to eschew simple numbering of the films and done something different.

      A new rule – if you’re going to be lazy and call your film “The Expendables 2”, by law you should have to give it a subtitle which completely undercuts the seriousness of the enterprise – “The Expendables 2: Electric Pony Dance Party” should do the job nicely, I think…

      Just kidding, Sly – loving your work, you big lug.

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