“Avengers” review embargo – Disassembled!

It's a bullseye!

So, the embargo’s gone south and we can finally read what critics have made of Joss Whedon‘s eagerly awaited superhero flick, “The Avengers”.  Farrago or Thrill Ride? Clue? Happy fun times await you at the multiplex.

I’m kind of happy to see some moderately grudging points in the reviews I’ve read to date, because there’s no such thing as an absolutely perfect film and everything that I’ve read to date suggests that Joss Whedon has been able to step up to the challenge of filtering his own particular brand of nerdery into the very specific DNA of a summer blockbuster franchise flick, but not without some minor issues.

Wit married deftly to blazing action sequences, vivid and economic characters meshed with property-trashing spectacle and unexpected nuance woven throughout the default, eye-popping chaos of a Marvel Superhero flick – you can’t really ask for much more than that, can you?

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