“Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” announced


Well, that’s Autumn sorted for a lot of gamers – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 announced • News • Eurogamer.net.

I’m not one of those players – action RPG nerds who play as Rogue Female Elves for the win! – but I fully expect this latest episode of the annual FPS franchise to dominate sales chart and mind share in the games community for the latter part of this year.  It’s the go-to shooter for many a gamer and remains seemingly unstoppable at the retail counter, predictable annual controversies notwithstanding…

Expect a proper reveal (and trailer) tonight and more hype when E3 rolls around in the summer.


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3 responses to ““Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” announced

  1. I won’t go on a rant on how much I loath what this series has done to modern video games, in particular the gamers, but I will say, if they dropped the annual release schedule and didn’t shove it down peoples throats, I might have an inkling of respect for the games.
    On another note, I see in your Goodreads box you’re reading the Nightwatch series. I saw the film adaptations not to long ago and have become interested in reading the series. What do you think so far?

    • I’m really enjoying “The Night Watch” – it’s funny, surreal, endlessly inventive and really exciting. The first book is split into three different stories, which seem to form the basis of the two films, if memory serves.

      The writing (or the English translation) adds the whole story an eccentric and singular tone which I’ve only ever seen in the book “Metro 2033” – another excellent Russian Sci-Fi tale-turned-FPS game.

      • Cool, I’ll have to bump it up a few places on my reading list. Currently I’m finally getting around to reading The Master and Margharita. I guess Russian authors have a thing for pulling off the eccentric and surreal.

        I started playing Metro 2033 and got to a point where 5 shotgun blasts to the face weren’t taking down enemies, so I got frustrated and put it on the shelf (I’ll get back to it one day, I hate leaving games unfinished). But the story seemed really interesting, that’s another book I want to check out soon.

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