“A Game of Thrones” – Metallic K.O.


Over at A Metal State of Mind, atleastimhousebroken, sterling writer, metalhead and fan of George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice & Fire” series has penned a series of posts matching characters from the epic fantasy saga to apropos metal songs (Sansa Stark?Nightwish!).

I confess that it’s testing my geek resolve – this bank holiday weekend in the UK might be the one in which I take my first steps into Westeros…

So many books/tv series – so little time…


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4 responses to ““A Game of Thrones” – Metallic K.O.

  1. Thanks for the shout out dude! Enjoy your time in Westeros, I promise you will not regret one second of it!

  2. You must go to Westeros, be it by book or screen. It’s a proper fantasy of epic proportions!

    • I know, I know – I just keep finding so many other books which ensnare me with their fantastical charms! Just started on Adrian Tchaikovsky’s “Shadows of the Apt” – that’s me signed on for another 8-10 books, then. I’ve basically given up TV so that I can read more and fit everything in. Talk about a challenge…

      • Haha, that’s quite the committment! I hope they’re good books too.
        Worry not, Westeros will be waiting. Who needs TV when you have books and imagination! 😛

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