It’s Ebertfest!

Could take Armond White in fisticuffs and has forgotten more about film than I'll ever know - US film critic/legend, Roger Ebert.

Andy Watches Movies (a blog you should be reading) has a cool series this week on critic Roger Ebert’s annual film festival – Welcome to Ebertfest!.

I can only imagine the carnage which might arise should our UK’s own pre-eminent film critic, Mark Kermode, be permitted such an equivalent honour.

The Exorcist, followed by Slade in Flame, with back-to-back screenings of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Transformers” for the Lulz, anybody?



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2 responses to “It’s Ebertfest!

  1. Wow, awesome! Thanks for taking the time to write this blog!
    I’m so far behind in reading and writing blogs but I hope to catch up this weekend. I wish I had brought my laptop with me to the theater to toil away over reading/posting during breaks so I wouldn’t be so far behind!

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