Kevin Smith on piracy


“I try to give away as much as possible. At, we’ve got thousands of hours of my best work, as well as the funniest shit you’ll ever hear: My true life’s work. And we give it away free.”

More over at

Fabulously foul-mouthed auteur Kevin Smith’s not wrong – I’m a long-time fan of Smith’s work and I’ve often found episodes of his Smodcast or “Hollywood Babble-On” podcasts far funnier than many a screen comedy that I’ve been expected to pay for (and even Smith’s own work – I couldn’t make it through the ghastly, wholly unfunny section of Cop Out when I rented it).

Hollywood’s preferred model of punishing people who pay to see movies by front-loading movie screenings with adverts, treating regular consumers as potential thieves with anti-piracy ads on DVDs and Blu-Rays and concentrating on reboots, rehashes and tv show adaptations has been biting it in the ass for quite a few years now, so its fun to see that one of its own sons actually gets the fact that changes to the Hollywood model are long overdue and might actually save it from going the same way as the recorded music industry.

The internet isn’t the enemy – it should be a partner or a vital distribution channel, but as long as Hollywood insists on  not doing the work and expecting to reap rewards for its inaction, things are only going to get worse for Big Media…


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4 responses to “Kevin Smith on piracy

  1. Frivolous Monsters

    Check out the Tell ’em Steve-Dave podcast on the Smodcast “network”. It’s the best, in my opinion and stars the talented “little people” who Smith grew up with and all have their own complex lives in New Jersey. And now their onw TV show ‘Comic Book Men’ which has just been picked up for a second series.

    • Really looking forward to “Comic Book Men” from the clips that I’ve seen. I feel resolutely sure that it will end up going to Sky and thus royally ticking me off.

      • Frivolous Monsters

        Yes that wouldn’t be good at all… I hope it’s good as the second series is mega-lengthed compared to the first.

  2. Don’t get too excited by “Comic Book Men.” In theory, it sounds perfect, but in execution, it’s boring.

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