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Charlie Brooker on “The Avengers”

Critical Hit!

Pictured, Pop Culture pundit Charlie Brooker yesterday…


Professional contrarian, angry man about town and top fellow Charlie Brooker reviews “The Avengers” movie, in an attempt to understand where the kids are at and reaches some conclusions on the very real ordeal which is a modern cinema visit.  Honestly, it’s less like a visit to the movies and more like some absurd combination of obstacle courses, exam, demonic crèche and mobile phone demo unit.


Usual proviso when reading any of Mr Brooker’s rants – he does like his swears and robust imagery.  Forewarned and all that…

Behold: the Marvel Avengers Assemble 3D experience | Charlie Brooker | The Guardian.


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Ryan Reynolds Feels the Quickening

Ryan Reynolds as the only good thing in X-Men Origins: Wolverine – now donning clan MacLeod tartan, too?

As reported by The Mary Sue, noted tall Canadian and should-be-bigger movie star Ryan Reynolds is the latest name linked to the long-gestating “Highlander” remake – and I, for one, couldn’t be happier.  If ever a film series deserved another shot at glory, it would be this prime slice of 80’s awesome.  And Ryan Reynolds is a brilliant choice.

For those of you who didn’t spend far too much time watching this movie on VHS in their teens and hankering after Christopher Lambert‘s lovely raincoat/Nikes sartorial combo, “Highlander” is the high-octane tale of ancient warriors kicking the crap out of each other in a battle for ‘The Prize’ – immortality (or getting electrocuted a lot whilst attached to a very visible wire rig).

“There can be only one” – apart from the seven or eight who show up in each sequel. Or the TV series. Or in the Manga.

I won’t even begin to claim that this film (or the increasingly dreadful series of sequels which followed) made a lick of sense, but this is a genre piece very dear to me despite its flaws and the news that it might be getting a fresh lick of celluloid and a good director behind it makes me very happy indeed.

Common sense dictates that we won’t be getting a band like Queen – their names be eternally praised – writing songs to underpin the chaos on-screen but it would be lovely if (should this film manage to be made) some acknowledgement of Freddie, Brian, John and Roger’s peerless tunes be made.

Also – this cat has to be in the mix somewhere.

That’s Clancy Brown as the Kurgan in 1986’s “Highlander”, not the new singer of a Scando MeloDeath band. Obvs.

No Clancy Brown, no sale, thank you very much.



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Aussie Arts Assists Aggro Artists

This is Arts Council funding that I can get behind – Australia Council for the Arts gives $20,000 grant to Death Metallists Ouroboros to fund writing and recording for their next record, including working with a symphony orchestra.


I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Death Metal – the sonic attack is fine but the subject matter traded in by some bands leaves me absolutely cold and the surfeit of melody in a lot of the bands that I’ve heard hasn’t done a lot to win me over.  That said, it’s nice to see organizations such as the Australia Council for the Arts acknowledging that worthwhile work is being done in non-traditional styles and by bands who are never going to be rivalling Nickelback in record sales – in that sense, a band like this are doing what they do for love and for Art with the proverbial capital ‘A’.

Take the ‘harsh vocals‘ side of the death metal genre – in many ways, that particular aspect of the genre is as alien and impenetrable to lay people as much of contemporary art  is to a casual observer.  The lyrical content, too, is bound to boggle fans of Jessie J or The Wanted – if they don’t just laugh it off nervously, they might well find the extremity and verbosity more akin to some form of pointedly abstract poetry which they can’t understand.

I mean – I don’t see young Master Bieber covering this song by Black Dahlia Murder any time soon…

Fair play to Ouroboros – Let’s hope that their efforts to secure this funding result in them delivering a record which delivers on their ambitions and perhaps even gives the Death Metal sceptics like me a route into a genre which I’ve previously not found that accessible.

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