“Sanctuary” cancelled – a nerdy lament.

The cast of “Sanctuary” – no longer saving the abnormals from the norms…

I’m not sure if you ever watched it, but if you’re as much of a SyFy-watching nerd as I am you’ll probably be a little sad to hear that their Amanda Tapping-fronted SF/Fantasy drama “Sanctuary” has tracked its last abnormal and closed its doors after four seasons of slightly shonky CG backgrounds, variable acting and general geekiness.

Please join me in raising a glass of Sainsbury’s finest Lemon cordial and then pouring it out, 90’s G-Funk style.

As the show was never what you would call a ratings juggernaut – even in the rarefied and niche space which SyFy operates in – it was only a matter of time before this show bit the dust, but to get to four seasons must have had Ms Tapping and co believing that they had a decent shot at a fifth go-round.

I have to admit that my interest in the show faded at around the time that the concerns of the show scaled up and we started having the team globe-trotting in search of poor, unfortunate creatures to save from the attentions of trigger-happy normals – my wife still has to restrain me whenever the dreadful ‘Bollywood‘ episodes show up and manage the neat trick of insulting geeks, irritating Indian folks with crap stereotypes and making bugger-all sense.

This said, despite never really loving the show as much as I love Doctor Who“, “Psych” or Eureka“, I still found myself watching “Sanctuary” because it was a nerdy, unadulterated Sci-Fi show and it seems as though a lot of TV channels really don’t want to have those kinds of things in their portfolio any more,  despite the undoubted loyalty of the audience.  I suppose that if you can’t imagine a show playing to one of those mythical, four quadrant audiences, a lot of networks don’t want to know or will go out of their way to position a show as skirting the edges of genre and not being one of those things for the geeks.

Yeah, you don’t want to appeal to the kind of people who’ve just made “The Avengers” one of the biggest movies of all times and will watch your show no matter how bad it gets – eff those dudes!

Alas, “Sanctuary”, we barely knew ye – may Amanda Tapping and her awesomely posh Brit accent find gainful employment somewhere else soon.


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2 responses to ““Sanctuary” cancelled – a nerdy lament.

  1. Aww I didn’t know this got cancelled, actually rather liked it 😦

  2. I liked the show, but I didn’t love it, so I’ll only miss it a bit. It had a good concept, but the actual execution of it was sometimes a bit sketchy.

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