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Geek Rage

Over at Den of Geek, Simon Brew’s written an intriguing editorial about why nerds hate on other nerds.


It does get you thinking – why, when so many of us are ostracised on a daily basis by peers and colleagues for our geekery, do we then go home and head online to duke it out virtually with people that we probably have quite a lot of common ground with?

Self-hatred?  Blind dislike of media property X obscuring the fact that it’s no better than media property Z which we’re totally enamoured of?  Not having anything better to do?  Or our old friend, Blessed Internet Anonymity?

Whatever the reason, there’s no rationale for it and it just makes us look stupid.  Leave the blind hatred to the Sports Ball fraternity and let them waste their energy on pledging their troth to multi-millionaire half-wits who don’t know that they exist.  

We’re supposed to be busy inheriting the earth, for pity’s sake!

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“Dark Knight Rises” character posters online…


“The Dark Knight Rises” international character posters via i09.com.

As much as I’m looking forward to seeing Christopher Nolan‘s epochal trilogy concluding Bat-epic, it’s a little harder to take Bane seriously as a bad guy now that my Saluki/standard Poodle cross Hagrid is wearing a very similar muzzle to Bane’s when we take him out for a walk.

Dark Knight meet fluffy White Knight…

Not that Hagrid’s an international criminal mastermind, but he’s quite fond of introducing himself vigorously to other dogs and until we train him to do otherwise, Bane-style facial gear it is.

Makes you wonder if Bruce Wayne has ever considered avoiding Gotham smashing action sequences and just enlisting dog trainer extraordinaire Victoria Stilwell to sort out Bane’s numerous behavioural transgressions?

No?  Just me then…

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Last Bastich Standing

The rumour mill.  Don’t you just love it?


Intergalactic bad-ass biker mercenary or failed KISS member – Lobo!

Horror site Bloody Disgusting reports (via nerd hub Bleeding Cool) that everybody’s favourite former WWE wrassler Dwayne Johnson is getting in on that comics-movie cross-over action and starring as DC bad boy and intergalactic bad ass Lobo, in a movie to be written and directed by The Rock’s “Journey 2 The Mysterious Island” director Brad Peyton.


I don’t know whether this is better news than the previously hinted-at Guy Ritchie take on the character or a harbinger that the ultra-violent emissary of ironic doom is going to have his limb-lobbing, tooled-up ways rather streamlined to meet the demands of a PG-13 rating.

Because taking the hard edges off characters always works, right?

Treat this as salt-worthy until otherwise confirmed but it does rather tie-in to some of Mr Team Bring It’s recent, enigmatic Tweets about his future projects – having said that, he does have quite the packed schedule to circumnavigate before this film gets made…

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