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Your Moment of Stupid Action Movie Zen

Ace video mash-em-up overlord Garrison Dean has blessed us with an Andrew WK-sound tracked super cut of “Expendables 2” trailers – and it cheered me up no end.  


The Expendables 2 Trailer: Made in America Fan Video – YouTube. (Contains NSFW captions…)

There’s no way that the actual movie can live up to that, is there?

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Matt Smith – he does running now. Running is cool.

Leave it to our tiny planet’s most fervent defender to get in some Olympics action.

Yep, TOTALLY getting why he’s a nerdy lust object from that picture…

Not content with being a kooky and suave master of awesome, time-tripping whimsy, current Doctor Who Matt Smith is going to be running with the Olympic torch in Cardiff on Saturday 26th May.

And with a gait as astonishing as Matt’s undoubtedly is, who can blame the organisers for scoring some valuable publicity points by enlisting a celebrity who might actually do a better job at this athletics lark than some of the nominal pros.

If the London 2012 Olympics organisers could somehow be convinced to build a corridor around the 100 metres track this summer, my money would be on the lanky dude with the bow tie winning that event convincingly.


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This week, in Fulsome Fantasy Fiction…

If you’re keeping track of these things – and there’s no good reason on Terra that you should be – I’ve finally finished ploughing through the first instalment of German fantasy writer Markus Heitz‘s “The Dwarves” series.  730 pages down, only around a couple of thousand more to go.  Yay for post-Tolkien endurance!

“Blood of Elves” – by Andrzej Sapkowski – it’s way nerdy. Realize.

I’m now waiting for the second chunky volume in Heitz’s series to arrive and so have turned my attentions to another European fantasy novel – Andrzej Sapkowski‘s Blood of Elves – with a collected volume of Stan NichollsOrcs also lined up and ready to go.

Harold Ramis’ clever cloning comedy, “Multiplicity”

Increasingly, I find myself believing that Harold Ramis‘ clone comedy Multiplicity had kind of the right idea when it comes to apportioning time and effort to various tasks – if only I had a Fluffrick clone to go out and do the less than exciting work stuff and leave me the time that I need to keep up with my reading.

Whatever you’re reading this weekend, be sure to enjoy it and why not share a brief review/blog link in the comments?

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