This week, in Fulsome Fantasy Fiction…

If you’re keeping track of these things – and there’s no good reason on Terra that you should be – I’ve finally finished ploughing through the first instalment of German fantasy writer Markus Heitz‘s “The Dwarves” series.  730 pages down, only around a couple of thousand more to go.  Yay for post-Tolkien endurance!

“Blood of Elves” – by Andrzej Sapkowski – it’s way nerdy. Realize.

I’m now waiting for the second chunky volume in Heitz’s series to arrive and so have turned my attentions to another European fantasy novel – Andrzej Sapkowski‘s Blood of Elves – with a collected volume of Stan NichollsOrcs also lined up and ready to go.

Harold Ramis’ clever cloning comedy, “Multiplicity”

Increasingly, I find myself believing that Harold Ramis‘ clone comedy Multiplicity had kind of the right idea when it comes to apportioning time and effort to various tasks – if only I had a Fluffrick clone to go out and do the less than exciting work stuff and leave me the time that I need to keep up with my reading.

Whatever you’re reading this weekend, be sure to enjoy it and why not share a brief review/blog link in the comments?

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One response to “This week, in Fulsome Fantasy Fiction…

  1. Funny you mention Markus Heitz, I plan on starting The Dwarves this weekend hopefully. I’ve been quite curious about him since I learned that he is working with Blind Guardian.
    I’m closing in on the end of the Russian classic The Master and Margarita. It’s pretty wild and all over the place. Also really surreal. It’s about the Devil terrorizing Moscow, a cat with a tommy gun, and Pontius Pilate. Worth checking out.
    I’ve been interested in reading some Andrzej Sapkowski. On the video game front I’m chipping away at a game called The Witcher on my PC. The game is based around a character and world that he created and its characters and lore are the games biggest selling point (the combat system is damn nifty too 😉 ). After I finish the game up I want to check out some of his works. Let me know how that book by him was.

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