Sonic Syndicate – Roger and out?

Regular perusal of my Last.FM profile pages will reveal to the curious that I am quite fond of Anglo-Swedish Melodic Death Metal outfit Sonic Syndicate.

The gruff and shouty sound of Falkenberg, Sweden – Sonic Syndicate (circa 2004)

Yep, they’re noisy.  Picture, if you will, an invigorating line of absurd, ‘Would Sir like a throat lozenge, perhaps?’ harsh vocals, guitar riffs so speedy that they’re a shoe-in to represent Sweden at this year’s London Olympics, married to unexpected choruses so catchy that they’ve clearly escaped from the likes of A Day To Remember and should be taken home again, forthwith, before they’re missed.

The reason for this post?  Leading guitar light and founding member Roger Sjunneson has confirmed that he’s left the band and is now devoting all of his attention to Swedish Melo-Death maniacs, The Unguided, whom he formed with his vocalist brother Roger in 2010 as a Sonic side-project.

Careful with that fringe, former Sonic Syndicate Axe merchant Richard Sjunneson – you’ll have somebody’s eye out…

Musical differences seem to be the reason for this split – Richard and Roger appear to have felt that the melodic part of their sound was taking over at the behest of their former record company, with distracting poppier material rearing its ugly head on Sonic Syndicate’s 2010 release, “We Rule The Night”, to the extent that a casual listener might mistake the likes of “My Own Life” for a Chad Kroeger solo record.

I know, right?  Scary.

There’s melodic metal and then there’s “Wow, I sure do like that new Saturdays single – it’s feisty!”.  Never the twain, and all that..

The upshot of this is that Sonic Syndicate are still going – and playing their only show of the year by headlining a festival in Hungary on the 22nd of June – and The Unguided are still there if you want stuff that sounds as confused and exhilarating as the best of Sonic Syndicate’s material used to sound.

Everybody wins, right?  Especially bassist Karin Axelsson, who will eventually be teaching her wee tyke how to downtune Mama’s bass


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3 responses to “Sonic Syndicate – Roger and out?

  1. I’m glad he’s out, honestly. After the circus Richard started when he left, things were quite uncomfortable between Roger and the rest of the band, especially Robin. Bad blood among a band is never good; no matter how amazing the musician is, he eventually has to leave. I wish him all the best 🙂

    And thanks for linking my Blowsight report, although I don’t know why you didn’t choose one of Sonic’s… or maybe I do, eh eh.

    • Thanks for responding – I think the split is very much for the best. The ex-Sonic blokes get to do their quite similar thing without record company second-guessing and the demands of having, you know, choruses. And Sonic get to pursue their apparent cross-over goals.

      Cheers for the feedback!

      • I still think Nuclear Blast had nothing to do with Sonic’s change – it was simply what the other members (a.k.a. not the Sjunnesson bros) wanted to do, given their own musical preferences. Whatever the case, is what you said – Sonic going down one path, TU another one 😉

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