“Starship Troopers” reboot loses violence, adds B.S.

Oh, Hollywood – is there no end to your cowardly, money-grubbing idiocy?

“So, we just hug them to death, right?”

Empire magazine‘s new issue has an interview with Toby Jaffe, producer on the new and entirely unwanted reboot of “Starship Troopers“, which ageing geeks will remember as a pretty decent, absurdly gory sci-fi actioner (fans of the original Robert Heinlein novel will probably remember it less fondly, what with director Paul Verhoeven and screenwriter Edward Neumeier reinterpreting the book as a giddy joyride through a fascistic future).  And it doesn’t make for good reading.

If this version of the book does make it before cameras, we can look forward to a less violent (what now?), less satirical, straight-up bug hunt with all hints of complexity safely jettisoned and gee-whiz cgi effects replacing anything potentially disquieting (i.e., less likely to make the box office tills ring).

So, Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner in a PG-13 shoot-em-up with a song by her boyfriend on the soundtrack and nothing likely to tax the brain of anybody with a driving license, then?  Where do I sign up for that?


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7 responses to ““Starship Troopers” reboot loses violence, adds B.S.

  1. Pity. I have never been a fan of Robert Heinlein’s writing, and though that fascistic tone of Starship Troopers was perfect, so I am disappointed to hear that it’s been reduced to little more that an exercise in video game violence.

    • This is the problem – the producers want to lose the violence so that they can maximise box office by getting a lower MPAA rating.

      The beneficiaries of that rating, the tween crowd, are meanwhile busy playing “Call of Duty”, “Halo” and similar FPS shooters on home consoles.

      There’s a disconnect somewhere here, I can feel it…

  2. And No, there is indeed no end to cowardly, money-grubbing idiocy on the part of Hollywood (or humans in general, for the most part).

  3. Booooooooooo

    Why less violent? How does that even work?

    • I guess the same way that Len Wiseman’s “Total Recall” remake appears to be doing it – quick cuts and no blood.

      If you look at the last “Transformers” movie, that somehow got a PG-13 (12A in the UK) rating despite being mind-bogglingly violent in parts.

      Robot on Robot violence is, apparently, fine – perhaps Alien on Power Suited Infantry Soldier battles will be okay, too?

  4. Just. No! Hollywood really needs to stop with the remakes and all that other stuff. Is there even a horse left to beat?
    Look at the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter movie. Proof that people want original ideas in their cinema. What ever happened to the risk taking of original ideas in film. Too far and few these days.

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