Alas, Poor Poddy

Poddy – you served me well…

If you’ve ever owned an iPod whose internal hard drive began to make the dreaded clicking chime of doom, you’ll know just how I feel right now – yep, my beloved 80gb MP3 player has gone to the great gadget graveyard in the sky.

Getting over the undeniable fact that this is a first world problem, and that there’s a lot of people dealing with a lot more on a daily basis than merely the end of a beloved leisure product, I don’t feel embarrassed to confess that I felt absolutely sick as Poddy gasped and clicked his last.  Anybody who has had this kind of device fail befall them will no doubt attest that the feeling is rather akin to that clearly evident on the face of Wile E. Coyote in the RoadRunner cartoons, as he looked directly into the camera seconds before plunging towards the canyon floor.

Did I back up my music?  Is it all there? What about the podcasts?  A range of questions begin to present themselves, not the least of which is   “Do I want to keep going down the Apple route or should I cut my losses and get a cheaper MP3 player and manage my music the old-school way?”  Because, friends, an 80gb iPod Classic isn’t a cheap thing to buy – and the less said about the hilarious price of a 64gb iPod Touch the better (oh Apple tax, will you ever stop providing me with entertainment?).

Not that moving past Apple is easy, once you take format quirks and the fact that the iPod is now synonymous with MP3 player for many retailers and users – the various flavours of iPod are the only game in town…




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4 responses to “Alas, Poor Poddy

  1. I had tossed around the idea of getting rid of my iPod classic and shifting to a Cowon but ultimately decided against it because all my Apple things work fairly well together and I don’t want to stir the pot. Basically, Apple has me tied up because I’m lazy.

  2. I have to say, for the amount of Apple bashing I do, the Ipod classic is a great product (you really don’t want to get me started on everything else they make). I’ve had 2 Ipod classics in my life and the only reason I got the second one, going on about 7 years ago now, is because I wanted the black style and slimmer design. My old 2nd Gen actually still works and my mom uses it near daily hooked up in the car!
    I’ve considered switching to a different MP3 player, but I’ve yet to find a high capacity device that fits my needs like the Ipod. The Cowen was close, but it seemed a bit large and I can’t find one in stores to mess around with and get a feel for. Too bad Zune doesn’t make a high capacity device anymore, I have a buddy who has one of the older ones and I dig that thing a lot.

    • I’m currently rocking…an 8gb memory card in my mobile phone. Not the best of solutions sonically, but it gives me some tunes to listen to whilst I’m out and about in town at lunchtime. Can’t live without a noisy soundtrack!

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