Take my money, Christopher Nolan – Take it!

Wonder if I can borrow the Tumbler to get there?

Well, that’s my Friday morning (and lunchtime) sorted.  The Dark Knight Rises, bought and paid for.  Not (Lie)Max, as it happens – I anticipate seeing this film again, though, so there’s always time to have my eyeballs scoured by Wally Pfister‘s cinematography being projected mere inches from my face, for the full sensory overload treatment.

Excuse me, Sir – You wouldn’t be attempting to record the film on your iPhone now, would you?

See you sometime later today with my non-spoiler verdict on this trilogy-capping uber-sequel.


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3 responses to “Take my money, Christopher Nolan – Take it!

  1. The most striking part of this post is that you were only charged £5.13?? How is this possible?

    Enjoy the film.. But no spoilers please! I’m waiting to see it in glorious IMAX vision like The Amazing Spiderman.

    • It’s bonkers, gigantic and more than a little overwrought – but it demands to be seen.

      I think the price is down to Cineworld not charging booking fees at the minute and going stupidly early to see it (yep, I took the day off work).

      Remarkably full cinema for 10:00am on a Friday morning…

  2. Take it, take it all Nolan! haha 😀

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