What would you do with £148 million?

It’s not a problem which many of us will ever have to deal with, I grant you, but it’s good to see lottery winners finding creative (if jocular) ways to go large with their new windfall.

If I were a rich man…

This is the dilemma affecting newly-minted millionaires Adrian and Gillian Bayford, who this week claimed a winning EuroMillions lottery jackpot of £148 million, leading music store owner Adrian to joke that he’d like to use some of his cash to persuade the classic Guns ‘N’ Roses line-up to reform.

Putting aside the sad truth that even if you paid him handsomely  to play a private gig for you the odds are that  Axl would still show up two hours late, I got to thinking about what manner of frippery I would spend my hypothetical jackpot on.

“Uncharted” on a multiplex screen? Yes please!

I’d hire out my local multiplex’s bigger screens, hook-up a games console and blast through some action games for an evening of delirious nerdery.   Or, you know, build my own cinema addition to whichever house I bought (which would, of course, be Hagrid-friendly).  Who hasn’t gone to their local cinema and thought – “You know what ‘The Expendables 2’ needs?  To be Uncharted 3 or Dragon’s Dogma instead and have me playing it”

I’ve never been a car guy, so expensive luxury prestige marques are not for me.  What’s the point in buying something that jettisons a metric ton of value once you get the keys and sit behind the wheel for the first time?  Likewise, I don’t aspire to own a helicopter or personal jet – this kind of personal transportation is more my speed….

Should be able to get the shopping in the back of that no problem…

And if money was truly no barrier to creating things that I know would please those I love…

Now to summon the pots of cash necessary to hire Southend Interactive to make my wife a bespoke sequel…

I’d hire the developers of lovely, eccentric and desperately underrated XBox 360 platformer “Ilomilo“, Southend Interactive, to code and create a sequel to their glorious XBLA title.  Because Mrs Rolling Eyeballs would quite like that, don’t you know?


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6 responses to “What would you do with £148 million?

  1. “If I were a rich man…” love that song haha 😀
    Totally buy an IMAX private screen, that might dig into the budget quite a bit Though 😀

  2. I’ve always wanted to own a theater and play indie/art house titles. I live in an affluent Chicago suburb and yet there are NO venues like that anywhere near me.

    Also…Ilomilo rocks.

    • We have one Art House cinema in Sheffield which is a lot better than the town I used to live in, which didn’t have a full-time cinema. That was pretty grim…

      I like the idea of having an Alamo Draft House kind of joint in my home town – with a diverse catalogue of art house stuff, classics and revival fare. And a zero tolerance, ‘ejection from the venue if you look at your mobile phone’ policy once the trailers start.

      • I have considered moving to Austin solely for that place.

        The thing that kills me is that there are at least three old theaters that SHOULD be art house theaters but don’t take advantage of their awesome venue. I’m sure it’s for profitability but it’s an infuriating wasted opportunity in my eyes.

      • It’s got to down to the money – I’ve been reading some of David Cronenberg’s interviews promoting “Cosmopolis” and it’s crazy that a director of his stature can’t get funding for even modestly-budgeted projects.

        If there isn’t an audience for his stuff – which is challenging but not impenetrable – where does that leave art house cinema?

        Wasn’t the argument for Multiplexes that some of their screens would be able to show more esoteric fare and offer a choice to viewers? Look how well that idea turned out…

      • Totally.

        The major theater that I like going to shows classic movies on the big screen over the summer (this week is Jaws!) but they do it one showing a week, so if you can’t make that one showing, you’re screwed.

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