“After Earth” trailer – Post-humanity never looked so good



Epic science fiction adventures set on ruined, post-humanity Earth are clearly like buses – you wait for one and then two come along at once.

Sunday saw the full trailer for the Tom Cruise apocalyptic drama “Oblivion” swoop online and today sees the first trailer for Will Smith‘s next starring effort, “After Earth”, take a flying leap into the spotlight.

And a cautiously impressive science-fiction adventure it looks like, too.  Directed by M.Night Shyamalan from a script by Gary Whitta (he of “The Book of Eli” fame), this story pitches Will Smith and his son Jaden into a desperate adventure on a far-future Earth long devoid of human interference and now stuffed to the gills with hostile creatures and deadly natural phenomena.

I’m getting a bit of an “Avatar”/ecological sci-fi vibe from the assorted, super-evolved creatures in the trailer and a curious, perhaps not intentional “Lost in Space” movie hint from the costumes that Smith senior and junior are sporting throughout the scenes we see in this two-minute and 28 second first look at the film, which opens in June 2013.

It could be a great adventure film – and who doesn’t hope that Shyamalan will buck his recent run of mediocre cinematic form and once more deliver a film which is akin to his “The Sixth Sense” rather than his genuinely quite dreadful “The Last Airbender”?


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3 responses to ““After Earth” trailer – Post-humanity never looked so good

  1. It’s going to be awful, calling that it’s going to be awful!

    • Have faith! Even though Shyamalan hasn’t done anything genuinely great in over a decade, this is still the same dude who made “The Sixth Sense” and “Unbreakable” back to back – he’s a great storyteller sadly often beset by his poor choices.

      If he’s directing from a script which he didn’t originate, I hope that he’ll be able to get back a focus he’s missed of late.

      • “If he’s directing from a script which he didn’t originate” I think he might have a problem with this and I can imagine him clashing with someone else s story. He couldn’t leave the airbender story as is and we all know what happened to that. I might be wrong and I hope I am but I doubt it.

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