Zero Tolerance Parenting

We hear a lot of negative news stories about gaming, children displaying addictive reactions to electronic entertainment and perceived social problems arising from the same.


And then there are stories like this which show admirable creativity in dealing with a child’s gaming-fixated mindset:

Dad hires hitmen to kill son’s gaming avatars

Is it just me or has life begun to mimic the plots of Charles Stross and Cory Doctorow novels?

When talking, reason and punitive measures fail to reach loved ones and persuade them to perhaps back off the TERA grinding for a spell, perhaps this drastic course of action is one that might just reach one’s virtual realm ensconced offspring?

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One response to “Zero Tolerance Parenting

  1. “Dad hires hitman to kill son’s gaming avatars” holy crap that’s just a weirdo haha 😀 Be great if his kid killed the assassin haha 😀

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