Blockbuster – Slain by progress?



No sooner have HMV gone into administration than the UK wing of Blockbuster video joins them.

Evidently the notion of renting movies has moved wholly online – which I’m not sure that I’m entirely happy about – and the signs are increasingly pointing to a streaming future, which I’m certain that I don’t want, as the UK’s broadband infrastructure just can’t handle that level of demand and the quality isn’t there.

Another 4000 people face the prospect of unemployment as a result of this announcement – and it’s hard to imagine that there’s going to be a white knight who swoops in and buys these locations to run as a going concern.  This is, after all, a business sector which seems to have been outpaced by technology.

Time will tell whether Blockbuster’s online rental business continues to trade – it’s the one part of the business which seems best placed to weather the current economic storms battering the UK retail sector, albeit by relying on old-fashioned physical media.

The question arising for me out of all this?  Where the hell do I buy my steelbook copy of “Resident Evil – Retribution” from now, then?


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2 responses to “Blockbuster – Slain by progress?

  1. I’m fortunate to have a locally owned video store that is still in business, and surviving. I hope they stick around, because it’s nice to browse the shelves and get other people’s opinions.

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