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Eva Green joins “Sin City” sequel. Wait, there’s a “Sin City” sequel, now?

Everybody else gets to wear a coat - wither poor Jessica and Rosario in that rain?

All the blokes are dressed, and the women? Not so much.  It’s like Frank Miller wrote this movie or something…

I snark because I love – but I was genuinely surprised to learn that Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller were pushing ahead with a sequel to 2005’s ultra-violent, film noir pastiche, “Sin City”.

Mostly as I don’t imagine that a combined world-wide box office gross of $158,753,820 (thank you Box Office Mojo) indicated to anybody at the studio level that audiences were hankering after another slice of faux-gritty, ever-so-slightly misogynistic, thick-eared anti-heroism and omnipresent sleaze.

I mean, don’t get me wrong – I love pedal-to-the-metal, gonzoid exploitation action as much as any self-described genre cineaste, but I assumed that Hollywood’s brief, Tarantino and Rodriguez-spearheaded love affair with Grindhouse cinema had long-since passed into the ether of filmic trends past alongside duelling volcano movies and the notion of a can’t miss movie star being able to open any film they starred in.

Eva Green.  With an accordion.  And why not?

Eva Green. With an accordion. And why not?

So it is with no small amount of delight that I report the news, courtesy of those nice folk at Empire, that Eva Green has accepted the role of Ava, the titular Dame To Kill For in one of Miller’s “Sin City” graphic novels.  At one point, all concerned were chasing down Angelina Jolie to star but that came to naught when Angie stopped being weird, morphed into a cross between Mother Theresa and Madonna and became rather too important to headline ever-so-slightly nerdy enterprises like this one.

Oh, what might have been...

Oh, what might have been…

Then came word that Rachel Weisz was in the frame to topline, and whilst that would have resulted in arguably the greatest film ever made (Ms Weisz as a femme fatale?  How many thousands of tickets would you like me to buy?), that particularly awesome slice of casting never came to pass, either.

So, for a film that’s due this Autumn and which is filming even as you read these words, this is quite last-minute casting – I suspect the portmanteau nature of the story might give the film makers rather more latitude to work around such casting travails as the search for Ava,   and I’m glad that they’ve gone with a brilliantly off-kilter and singular actress like Green to star in this film.  She’s destined to be forever somewhat underrated due to her curious taste in projects – she’s been great in a lot of less than fabulous movies, which can’t exactly help her profile.

Green will next be seen in “300: Rise of an Empire”, which indicates that she has no fear of extensive green screen work, shouting blokes or material derived from Frank Miller’s oeuvre.  Yep, she’s one of a kind alright…

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