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Agent 47 lives to kill again (silently)…

Did anybody really want a “Hitman” reboot?  Twentieth Century Fox apparently did, as their 2007 movie with Timothy Olyphant, based on Eidos‘ series of stealth-based action games has a new titular killer in the form of…


Paul Walker.

Yep, I’m as bemused as that casting as you possibly are.  He’s arguably not the actor who comes to mind when you think ‘cold-blooded, genetically-engineered assassin’, but I await with interest to see how he’s going to circumvent the typecasting that I’ve saddled the “Fast and Furious” star with.

Directing this time around is commercials graduate Aleksander Bach, whose ad work is at the link.  I leave you to draw your own conclusions – but as I detest adverts with every fibre of my being, I shall recuse myself from further discussion of his work (He seems to get all of the perfectly-sculpted, model butts nicely into the frame in the “Tom Tailor” advert, doesn’t he?).

For my money, we’d be better off with this gentleman as Agent 47:

Golden-voiced, stylishly menacing English gent, Mark Strong.

Golden-voiced, stylishly menacing English gent, Mark Strong.

He’s got the look, he can do menacing in his sleep and is a genuinely brilliant actor.  But I suspect that Fox would rather have a simpler proposition which they know how to sell.  If it’s cheap enough, I suppose that it will have been worth the effort to reboot the franchise, but something tells me that we’ll end up with a film which is near-identical to the not brilliant, not terrible Xavier Gens effort.

I live to be proven wrong – it’s about time that we had a decent, popcorn action flick based on a video game I.P. and this is one premise that should be hard to mess up too much.


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