Timey Wimey Bikey Likey?


Doctor Who” returns on Saturday March 30th on BBC 1 with new adventure, “The Bells of St John”.  And boasts totally legit, motorcycle-surfing-down-the-side-of-a-skyscraper shenanigans to hopefully distract us all, momentarily, from Clara, The Question and other matters which monopolise the thought processes of Whovians large and small alike.

Just a few weeks to go, fellow fans of awesome Tardis-based nerdery…


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4 responses to “Timey Wimey Bikey Likey?

  1. So excited! Doctor Who?

    • That’s Mrs Rolling Eyeballs,my better half’s query – do we finally get an answer to THAT question in the finale of this season? Or more of Mr Moffat’s excellent chicanery?

      Roll on the revelations!

  2. So this is a mash up of Dr Who and Die Hard right?

    • Moffat loves his movie-style posters, doesn’t he?

      Come to that, I’m slightly surprised that Bond didn’t bike-surf down the side of London’s ‘Shard’ building in “Skyfall” – it’s an action set-piece whose time has come…

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