“Star Trek Into Darkness”…earlier?



In the UK, we might suffer through hilariously terrible weather for most of the year, must bear at least some responsibility for unleashing Simon Cowell, One Direction & Robert Pattinson on an unsuspecting globe and can’t keep a shop open to save our lives, but know this, global peeps –

We’re getting “Star Trek Into Darkness” a week early!

Ignore that date on the poster above – the second “Trek” adventure from J.J. Abrams is now out in the UK on 9th May 2013 – which is going to come as scant consolation to all the people in the Den of Geek comments section, linked above, who have booked days off work  and holidays on the basis of it coming out a week or so later.  Nerds, eh – gotta love ’em…


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5 responses to ““Star Trek Into Darkness”…earlier?

  1. I’m ignoring the “date above” as it makes no sense. Since when were there 17 months in a year? Pff.

    • It’s like they’ve got the work experience kid to do the poster, or something. Who could be so misguided as to format their dates that way.


      I’ll get my coat…

      • Incidentally, I’m going to see it day of release then post loads of spoilers for the American audience.

        That’ll get them back for doing it to me with X Files in the mid 1990’s.

      • I would suggest live-tweeting from the cinema, if that wasn’t utterly evil and wrong.

        Fun, but wrong. Don’t do it, kids. Think Wittertainment.

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