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New “Prometheus” international trailer is spoileriffic!


Don’t watch the new international (i.e. British) trailer for Ridley Scott‘sPrometheus“.

If you don’t want things spoiled before it’s June release, if you want to go in cold, if you don’t want certain plot aspects which you might have had a hunch about pretty much confirmed, be sure to avoid the trailer that I’ve linked to above – it’s got so much awesome sauce inside that it could melt your nerdy brain as much as it did for me.

No explicit statements of content but some pretty tangy hints that the sufficiently motivated could draw some conclusions from.

Just so as you know.


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New “Who” trailer is Spaghetti Cyborg cornucopia

There's a new Sheriff in time...

It escaped online mere minutes after being shown at this weekend’s first official “Doctor Who” convention, with all of the grungy cam-vision goodness that you might expect it to have.  Now, by the grace of the Crooked Warden, you can see things all proper and hi-def like.

I refer, of course, to the first teaser trailer for season seven of “Doctor Who”, which is being made even as I type these words.  If you’re spoiler-phobic, I guess that you’ll have stopped reading this post, so for the rest of us what follows is a wee bit spoiley.

The gang's all here...

We’ve got cyborg cowboys, an Egyptian lady, a bunch more robots, snowy locations, eyes on sticks, explosions, horses, Ben Browder from “Farscape” and enough western shenanigans to suggest that this “Who” story set in old-timey USA could be the best slice of retro/alt-history SF with cowboys since “Back To The Future Part 3” (I haven’t seen “Cowboys and Aliens” yet, so can’t comment on the quality or otherwise of that flick).

Ben Browder, with James Hetfield of Metallica's moustache. I hope he asked first...

All looking quite promising, I hope you’ll agree – and word has it that we may see it sooner than the widely rumoured November transmission date…

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“Prometheus” – new trailer, new terror, new Idris Elba accent.

I think it’s fair to say that we have a winner.

This week we’ve seen a teaser for the trailer, an IMAX teaser and yesterday we finally got a round of Q & A promo for Ridley Scott’s eagerly anticipated “Prometheus” which culminated in the release of a frankly awesome trailer.

Expertly crafted shocks, classical allusions (the title, friends, may yet reveal all) and an ominous sense that all is really not going to end well pervade in these two and a half minutes.  Of course, the finished film may very well present us with a lot of not very much, but with Scott at the helm it’s difficult to see how this innately promising source material, the legacy of the “Alien” series and the quality of the cast will end up resulting in anything other than a supremely compelling movie.

I’ve grabbed some stuff from the trailer – but I hope you’ll agree that it’s pretty non-spoiler fare (the trailer is a veritable overgrown garden of speculation-inducing imagery, so I’ll advise you to proceed with caution if you really don’t want to know/see anything in advance).


“Prometheus” opens in the UK on 1st June, in the US on 8th June and international dates are here.


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Today’s obligatory “Avengers” post – now in Japanese!

Spoilers!  Yep, the new Japanese trailer for the Joss Whedon-directed “Avengers” movie reveals that lovely Gwyns gets face time in the flick and is still doing that concerned face that she does so well (seriously, I just re-watched “Iron Man 2” the other week and you want to give the poor love a couple of paracetamol tablets and listen to her angst, particularly after the Monaco unpleasantness).

Amidst other reveals in the fanboy and geekgirl-baiting trailer are this little baby:

And some more bits and bobs with that unpleasant Loki chap wreaking havoc and trying, in a most unsporting way, to despoil the planet and enslave its inhabitants.  Obviously, a career in conventional politics doesn’t cut it for a trans-dimensional being like him.

Norse gods, man – they’re just impatient.

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“Avengers” Assemble new trailer…

Is it the end of April yet?  No?  Oh well, I suppose that I’ll just have to make do with this new trailer for Joss Whedon‘s upcoming “Avengers” movie.

Hulk like trailer! Trailer full of Hulk Win! Hulk smash aliens good!

Of course, you’ll be noticing the odd title change that the film’s had in Europe – presumably so as not to convince the three people who went to see the ill-advised Ralph Fiennes/Uma Thurman “Avengers” movie back in 1998, the Marvel film is now “Avengers Assemble” in my neck of the global woods.

Well, at least they're not calling it "Super Happy Marvel Team Up Explosion", I suppose...

So, why not head over to our friends at The Mary Sue and get your face smacked up by the new hotness?  If you have Fan/Nerd/Geek Squee, prepare to unleash it.

Guys, what was that thing about Joss Whedon randomly killing us off for giggles?

Once you get past all of the urban combat stuff which looks neat but uncomfortably close to the mise-en-mayhem of Michael Benjamin Bay, there’s a bunch of new stuff in this trailer which had me air-punching and chuckling at the massive scale madness and the toys that Whedon has to play with.

Hawkeye, in the air, shooting arrows at suckers, like a boss...

There may well be a distinct lack of posting on April 26th, by way of an advanced heads-up – it appears that I’ll be too busy picking my jaw up off the floor to do much in the way of blogging…


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“Star Trek 2” pictures show…stuff.

I know that folks can be a mite sensitive about spoilers when it comes to the next “Star Trek” film from curly-haired, black eyeglass-framed visionary J.J. Abrams.

Chances are that they don’t want to know about the nature of Benedict Cumberbatch’s role, whether Zachary Quinto is still an Emo bad ass or how many alien ladies Chris Pine is going to squire this time around.

So those guys are going to be as ticked off as Abrams was at the weekend when some sneaky pictures leaked from the set of the second “Star Trek” film – I’m going to link to them but I’ll spare your spoiler-radar from going haywire by including the most innocuous one.

But what does it all mean? She's leaning, there's some pieces of set there - such an enigma!

Yep, it’s the one of Zoe Saldana’s Uhura getting to wield a phaser, in the daylight, on some kind of space craft.  If you want to see Messrs Cumberbatch and Quinto having words, click-through to Den of Geek’s story.

Needless to say, the second Abrams “Trek” movie is one of my most eagerly anticipated films of 2013 and any degree of rampant spoilers won’t stop me from going to see this film on opening weekend.  Probably in the company of Mrs Rolling Eyeballs and our good friend, Eva’s Mum – who wasn’t a “Trek” fan before seeing the film but certainly was afterwards (she’s a big Abrams /“Lost” and “Alias” fan).

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“Mass Effect 3” demo is THIS close…

I'm Commander Shepard and I'm about to cap your ass...

Despite my previously documented love – nay, lust – for Bioware’s “Mass Effect” series of sci-fi role-playing action games, I resisted the temptation at the weekend to follow NeoGaf’s handy-dandy workaround for getting early demo access (this would have involved me registering fake details on a US website and generally being a naughty boy – I can wait for the 14th of February, when the demo properly drops onto Xbox Live) and wait with gamers all around the world for a chance to get back into the “Mass Effect” swing of things.

As I chew my fingernails, try to remember which button triggers my infiltrator’s shield and toy with the idea of penning bad fan fiction (“Tali’Zorah vas Neema quietly went about her rounds in the Normandy’s engine room and frowned slightly within her encounter suit, tapping absently at her data slate and its momentarily puzzling readings.  She wondered why the machines down here were still much easier to relate to than Commander Shepard,her crew mates and the strange Alliance culture she now found herself living with” – it’s a work in progress, people, a work in progress…), why not join me in taking a look at Eurogamer’s video of the first twenty minutes of the demo?


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