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New “Hobbit” video blog online – post-production…and beyond!

The world premiere of Peter Jackson‘s “The Hobbit” is in New Zealand on Wednesday and you’ll be delighted to know that the film is almost finished.

“Trust me – I know what I’m doing.”

Which is…nice?

Judging by the latest (#9) production blog uploaded by His Awesomeness, it’s a relief that the movie is this far along – these are phenomenally complex enterprises, undertaken by a brilliant collective of artisans, technicians and inspiringly creative individuals all united by delivering Jackson’s singular vision.  Just from watching the production blog, the thought is impossible to escape that just one person has to ultimately bring together multiple departments, disciplines and skill sets in a cohesive whole to  deliver three films.  I just don’t know if I could keep on top of that level of mind-smushing difficulty for as long as Jackson will have to.

There’s the usual jocular, collegiate, ‘man, this stuff is fun!’ tone running throughout the blog, but I’d hate to have to be the guy steering the ship.  But, at the same time, I love that he’s devoted himself to taking regular movie goers, genre nerds and devoted Tolkien fans alike back to Middle Earth for another couple of slices of prime fantasy fun.

Glowing blue swords? Nerdery? Does want!

There’s another blog due after the premiere this week – and those all-important first reviews to boot…




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“Hansel & Gretel” – now with added red stuff…

Apparently Jeremy Renner is in this movie. Didn’t notice.

Put “Hansel and Gretel – Witch Hunters” in my eyes now, Hollywood!  Now, damn your eyes!


What I meant to say was that there’s a new Red Band trailer for Tommy Wirkola‘s first American movie and its a tad on the intense side. Yes, there will be blood, but as it’s Halloween, you’re probably not going to be afraid of mucho witch decapitation, folks exploding into gory chunks and up-close head-shots.

Subtlety is not on this film’s agenda, clearly, and I’m a lot more assured by the tone of this trailer than I was by the initial, general audiences effort which went online a month or so back and induced much in the way of ‘Meh’ from the internet cognoscenti – this looks like a film from the director of “Dead Snow“, as opposed to the slightly ‘Van Helsing‘-ish initial first look.

Still, it’s a long wait for me – this film will be merrily decapitating Witches from January 25th 2013 in the US and won’t make the broom-hop across the pond for another two months, by which time I’ll probably be seeing the first pre-order news for the Region A Blu-Ray disc and dropping my cash on that instead.

And there I was thinking that film distributors had gotten wise to the idea that artificially staggered release dates harm the box office prospects of their products…

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George Lucas sets the record straight.

Isn’t it good to know that you’ve been wrong all these years?

Somebody who can't shoot for toffee. And Jango Fett.

In an interview over at the Hollywood Reporter to promote this weekend’s 3D re-release of “The Phantom Menace”, visionary CG tinkerer George Lucas informs us once and for all that we collectively imagined the classic moment in “A New Hope” where  Han Solo shot alien bounty hunter Greedo in cold blood (don’t click this YouTube link as there’s nothing there, what with Han Solo not shooting first and everything).

All of these years that we’ve laboured under the misapprehension that crafty space rogue Solo did something morally dubious which made his character interesting and what do you know – it’s all down to the wrong camera angle being used. Or something.  Glad that’s sorted out – I’d hate to think that George’s incessant need to piss about with “Star Wars” had clouded his judgement (the very idea!).

Elsewhere in this Heat Vision blog interview, George offers his thoughts on SOPA, 3D and the fifth Indiana Jones film in a fashion which is almost comprehensible (for somebody who writes professionally, this interview demonstrates that he’s not capable of making a lot of sense in a one to one chat).

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“Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom Menace” – 3D or not 3D?

Man, it almost looks like a good movie when you see that poster...

So, the re-release of “Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom Menace” is nearly with us and comes with fashionable 3D for maximum generational division down the old multiplex.

The kids will love it – anybody born in the seventies will very possibly see it as a work of pure evil and the general populace will probably not let it bother them for a second.

Behold - a marvel of effects, sound and editing!

This review of the new 3D re-release at Den of Geek gave me pause – are we being too hard on what was always intended as a kid’s movie?   Is our relationship and feeling of ownership over the original trilogy blinding us the merits of the prequels?

I’ve previously come out of the closet and admitted to enjoying the other two prequels, even with the obvious flaws like Hayden Christensen’s work as Anakin – he’s done good work in other movies, so I really don’t think that the problem with the emo, proto-Vader is all down to him.  He’s not the one who wrote all that guff about sand, coarseness and Padme – so the prospect of those flicks getting a digital nip-and-tuck has me more psyched than the prospect of seeing Jar Jar effing Binks stereotype his merry Gungan way across the screen.

Jedi. Bad. Assery.

So, to view – or not to view?  Do I take one for the nerdy team just to ‘enjoy’ the first prequel movie on the big screen again? If nothing else, there’s some awesome sound mixing action to check out – but that’s not really enough of a reason to pay the 3D premium, armed with the foreknowledge that you’re really not going to dig the movie that you’ve paid to see.

It’s the equivalent, really, of having to eat your greens when you really fancy cutting straight to the more attractive dessert also on offer…




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Phantom, menaced.

File this poster under ‘Not sure if wants’.

Empire today has the re-release posters for the forthcoming 3D re-release that nobody’s crying out for – “Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom Menace”.

I confess that this is the instalment of the prequel “Star Wars” trilogy which I’ve seen least – I’m one of those fatally absurd souls who quite enjoyed “Attack of the Clones”, despite it’s shortcomings and “Revenge of the Sith”, to me at least, kicks a ridiculous amount of booty.  Perhaps it’s time for me to give the first prequel effort another chance – although a 3D makeover can’t really do much to improve what I remember beings a bizarrely episodic, disjointed story, with variable special effects and the digital character of whom we do not speak.

“The Phantom Menace” reissue is Mauling  your local 3D screen from February 10th, 2012.



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“Avatar 2” in 2016?

At this rate, James Cameron’s kids are going to be directing the projects currently brewing in the Canadian sci-fi auteur’s brain.

Long-time collaborator and regular Cameron producer Jon Landau let slip to reporters during a London visit this week that the sequel to “Avatar” is probably four years away from cinemas – with an estimated December 2016 release on the cards.

A protracted delay for the technology to catch up to the ideas taking form in Cameron’s noggin might be a good thing – if he’s going to take a while getting the screenplay together, perhaps this might lead to a more original story for the sequels (inevitably enough, the box office bonanza of “Avatar” has now yielded a trilogy) and fewer complaints of “Dances With Smurfs”-style archetypes.

We can but dream.

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Another “Underworld: Awakening” poster rises from the grave…

Seriously Kate, have you ever considered fronting a European Symphonic Metal band?

Another day, another poster for this January’s “Underworld: Awakening”.

This time, we’re going with giving the punters what they want – Kate Beckinsale doing her best impersonation of Sharon Den Adel, guns akimbo, wintry vibes to the fore.

It’s a toss-up as to how many fans will view this poster, I think – are we supposed to say “Hmm…looking good there, Ms B.” or “Hmm…I wonder where I can pick up those contact lenses she’s wearing?”

In other news, the full track listing for the soundtrack has been released over at Loudwire.

You can expect the likes of Mumford & Sons, Jessie J & Lady Gaga.. Evanescence, Linkin Park, (my beloved) Lacuna Coil and The Cure on the CD, which will be available from January 16th, handily a few days before the film’s debut on January 20th 2012.

I saw the trailer again yesterday when I went to see “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” at the cinema and it’s got a lot more impact when you watch it on an appropriately sized screen (in my case, Cineworld Sheffield’s impressively huge screen 7, popularly known locally as ‘The Full Monty’), and projected digitally.

Can’t wait to see this in January – but given the amount of “Underworld” posts that I’ve written, you may have picked up on that already.  I’d worry about going on and on about this, were it not for the views that such posts generate – it’s one of the most popular topics that I write about, don’t you know? Fellow, down-low, faux-mall Goths unite!

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