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Kindle Fire – but not in the UK.

Amazon have announced their tablet, then.  Which is very nice if you live in the US and slightly less interesting if you live in Europe.

How very unexpected.

Tech company covert the business of middle class Americans. News at eleven.

The Guardian has full, live-blog goodness from the big reveal (new, ad-supported Kindle for £89) but the upshot of the press conference announcement is a $199, 7″ screen tablet,shipping on November 15, which is so utterly married to Amazon’s US-only Cloud services that you won’t be able to buy one outside the States. Yet.

Really nice, but not available in Europe until much, much later.

Cue lots of people either Bundleboxing the Kindle Fire for giggles and getting their VPN on or deciding to give Apple’s iPad their Tablet business.  Which is perhaps not the result that Jeff Bezos intended…


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The Amazon tablet – out in November?

Slashgear have a story on one of the Autumn’s more geeky and eagerly awaited tech products – the Amazon tablet.

The upshot of which is that Amazon are holding an Apple-style press conference next week and not telling us yet just what they’re announcing.  So that means the much-rumoured Tablet is real and we’ll all get to see it for the first time next Wednesday. Probably.

via MacRumors.com

See.  It’s a thing.  A heavily re-purposed Android tablet, with Amazon branding and services integrated.  Sold at a loss to get to some of the punters who’d love an iPad but can’t afford (or don’t want to pay) the Apple Tax.  I guess that I’m in that latter group – I’d be happy to use a device purely for media, but I’m aware that it’s an absurd, first world luxury item and one that I don’t really need.  Would like to have, perhaps, but I don’t need it – the distinction there is key and is one that I don’t think a lot of people make.

As a bona-fide Amazon fan I confess to being eager to see what they come up with on Wednesday – I haven’t yet bought a Kindle as I still quite like the feel of a paperback and the physical media display impulse is strong within me (an arguable disorder not made any easier by the Black Library’s tendency to have neat illustrations on the spine of their paperbacks, each of which has a different chapter of Space Marines on it).

For example:

And, lo - did the Nerd Overlords at the Black Library figure out new ways to divest me of cash...

Physical Media still gets the job done in some respects – you can’t beat a good book jacket or a nice typeface. I can’t see myself making the jump to eBooks until the publishers figure out some way to provide ancillary benefits to the collector which induce them to collect in a digital format.

So, to sum up – Amazon are doing something or other on Wednesday and I’m a massive nerd.  I think that’s everything…


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