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New “Lara Croft” movie reboot.

How hard can it be to get this character right?

You have to wonder about Hollywood’s thought processes sometimes.

Take a character like Lara Croft.  Made for the big screen, you would think.  An adventuress with no greater character arc than leaping about all over the place,  making endangered beasts extinct and globe-trotting like she’s out of that “Made in Chelsea” dross on TV.

And what have the movies made from her “Tomb Raider” games managed to do?  They’ve made her into a total dullard.  It takes a peculiar kind of talent to make Angelina Jolie in tiny shorts dull, but boy – Hollywood managed that feat in two whole movies.

Bravo, dream factory – bravo!

Rebooted! Reloaded! Retreaded!

Empire today had a quick chat with Graham King, who is producing the new film and seems to aligning it with the upcoming  reboot of the games series, which takes Lara back to her youth.

We’ll be seeing a Lara who is not quite sure of herself, doesn’t have the arsenal of survival skills that we’re used to seeing and who is quite alarmingly fallible and frail in the face of danger.

They’re casting younger, which means no Angelina – as Empire suggests, this could be because she commands a far heftier fee nowadays – but leaves the field open to cast…

Image via Gemma Arterton online

She can handle the action, she can do posh in her sleep and she actually kind of looks like Lara, if you ask me.  The words ‘slam’ and ‘dunk’ would come to mind, if I were the kind of blogger who used out-of-context US sports analogies to explain stuff.

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