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“Batman: Arkham City” gets rave reviews…

Creatures of the night, what music they make...

Eurogamer love it, as does the Torygraph, Wired are a bit more cautious, but mostly delighted and The Guardian would like to call it the best game of the year, but can’t quite bring themselves to yet.

I’d say that Rocksteady Games have done the business again, wouldn’t you?


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Geek News, October 7, 2011

I kind of prefer the Kristen Stewart version, weirdly...

“Entertainment Weekly” have some pictures in their current issue from the Tarsem Singh “Snow White” project – this is the one with Lily Collins and Julia Roberts, not the competing one with Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth (which looks a bit more interesting).  Still, those Tarsem colours, huh?

Den of Geek, meanwhile, has set pictures from the Vancouver set of Zach Snyder’s “Superman” reboot, “Man of Steel”.  For some as yet unknown reason, Henry Cavill has gone the ‘Jesus Hobo’ look.  It’s a look, I guess…

From "21 Jump Street" teen idol to multi-generational icon. Nice work if you can get it.

Empire reports that Johnny Depp is filling up his dance card – he’ll be the lead in a biopic of Theodor Geisel, aka Dr Seuss and star in a new version of Dashiell Hammett’s “The Thin Man”.


Topless Robot, meanwhile, have some updates on the imminent “Batman – Arkham City” game – meet Robin, everyone, or ‘Tim Drake’ as he’s known to his mum.

Single-handedly erasing those terrible, Chris O' Donnell memories...

Finally, Digital Spy has a trailer for season two of “The Walking Dead”, which returns to FX in the UK on 21 October, at 10:00pm.


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“Batman – Arkham City” review – it’s a bit good.

This is my city. It's like somebody forgot to pay the electric bill, isn't it?

Those eagle-eyed scouts at NeoGaf have made a thread, so it must be true – Australian Official Playstation magazine have reviewed the eagerly-awaited “Batman – Arkham City” and given the game a euphoric 10 out of 10.


The ArkhamCity.co.uk forum also report on German magazine Play3 (game play video here) running a cover story next week – the online consensus on the translated magazine preview copy is that this is a 92% game.

Batman - caped crusader or mardy bum?

So, if I take down the last two chapters of “WH 40K: Space Marine”, turbo through “Gears 3” and find some spare cash down the back of several sofas, I should be in a good place to pick up “Arkham City” after I beat the first “Batman” game.

And breathe…

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“Batman – Arkham City” – new Joker video

Eurogamer – when not busy staging their London Games Festival this weekend – have new video up of the keenly-anticipated Rocksteady Games sequel, “Batman – Arkham City”.

Am I allowed to confess that I didn't finish the first game?

It’s Joker-centric, looks neat and there’s no way on Earth that I’ll have time to play it.

I have “WH40K – Space Marine” to power through, “Gears 3” to start and I’m swearing off anything else until “Uncharted 3” in November: no time for “Battlefield 3” or “Modern Warfare 3” (neither of which are my thing, to be honest) or “Skyrim” either.

Can some start-up do the decent thing and get on that time-freezing thing, please?


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