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Sassy Fassy? Assassin? Classy.

If there’s a way to make movie video game adaptations better, I’d wager that one way to do it would be to get good actors and directors involved.  As things stand, video game movies are viewed by Hollywood as seemingly one step up from direct to video fare – perhaps today’s announcement from Ubisoft might go some way towards changing that.


They’ve somehow managed to snag Michael Fassbender to co-produce and star in an adaptation of their “Assassin’s Creed” series of games – which I confess lost my interest with the first game in the franchise.  Beautiful to look at, but cursed with gameplay that could be used to aid those suffering from insomnia disorders, I’m led to believe that subsequent games picked up the pace quite dramatically and were actually fairly decent – oh, to have the time to check that supposition out.

Getting Fassbender is quite a coup  as he brings credibility and – let’s be honest – ridiculous good looks to a franchise which needs to establish itself to a wide audience in order to be a success, given the property’s blend of historical fact, bonkers conspiracy-driven Sci-Fi and stabby-stabby murdering.  Not exactly a combo designed to appeal to the floating multiplex voter, I think you’ll agree.


If anybody can get bums on these particular seats, though, it’s my favourite German-Irish self-confessed metalhead.  As for a director, what about this fine mentalist for the vacant gig?


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Quick Bits – Games Edition

Time-rich? Cash-poor?  Oh, yes – me, too.  With brevity and the saving of money in mind, it’s time for some quick gaming bits…

Speedy, but over so very quickly...

Yes, “Need for Speed:The Run” isn’t very good.  But on the upside, it’ll only take you two hours to finish…

Ezio, the kind of hoody you really don't want to tick off

Thankfully, “Assassin’s Creed: Revelations” is much, much better – if only I had the free time to get into this series.

Battlefield 3 - fond of the Banhammer...

Cheating in “Battlefield 3”, much as in life, will get you nowhere...


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Death from above! “Assassin’s Creed” movie going forward at Sony

Joystiq today reports that Ubisoft  are this close to making a deal with Sony to bring the “Assassin’s Creed” series to the big screen.

Where's my "Doctor Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine" movie, dammit?

Sony also have their own “Uncharted” series moving forward with Neill Burger helming – the scale and settings of an “Assassin’s Creed” game probably call for a director comfortable with (SPOILERS) sci-fi world building and period detail (SPOILERS END) – anybody fancy knocking up a time machine and nabbing a post-“Duellists”/pre-“Alien” Ridley Scott from the 1970s?


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