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Wolverine, Gangnam Style…

The cuddlification of Wolverine continues apace…

Korean rapper and stylish gent-about-town Psy gets everywhere, doesn’t he?  Including hanging out with that lovely Wolverine fellow (via the medium of his Human Life Decoy Model, Hugh Jackman).

Bound to be remembered as ‘that Gangnam Style‘ dude for the rest of his days, Psy’s tune is one of those things that you hear once and have running around your mind for the next few weeks.

So, you probably shouldn’t have clicked on the link above to his video.  Sorry about that.

Still, at least you have Mr Jackman’s next bout of Canadian Beserker rage to look forward to in “The Wolverine” next summer…


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My IMAX is bigger than your IMAX…

Immersive enough for you?

Just as I thought that it was pretty neat that Sheffield would be getting one of those LieMax (NSFW language at link) screens in my local Cineplex – not proper IMAX, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick – those blessed Australians have only gone and made our soon-come big screen look like an old school portable TV.

Sydney’s IMAX operators have only gone and refurbished what is the world’s biggest IMAX screen – 97 feet tall and 117 feet wide  – with a re-opening date scheduled for 18th February.

Imagine watching the likes of “The Hobbit” or “Avatar 2” in 3D on that puppy – the phrase ‘brain-melting nerdery’ comes to mind.

Why not watch this ZD.Net video on the makeover process and go “Squee!” a few times?



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