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Avengers – Purrsemble!


Katie Cookie‘s “Feline Avengers” art via SuperPunch.  And you can buy her stuff here.

Cat-based Hawkeye is boss.

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“Short Circuit” gets remade, because there are no new ideas.

No disassemble, Stephanie!

I remained cool when MTV co-opted “Teen Wolf” and turned it into a post “Twilight” paranormal romance series.  I barely raised an eyebrow when Will Smith’s rather charmless offspring was jammed into a “Karate Kid” reboot so dull that I forgot it even as I was watching it.

But my normally placid nature will tolerate no more – for proof that Los Angeles is full of dullards who couldn’t find a new idea if it were dangled in front of them via a carrot-and-stick scenario, the Hollywood brains trust is remaking “Short Circuit”.

We’re dealing here with a great 80’s movie, and one which has great nostalgic name recognition for parents, a cute robot character to sell toys to children with and the possibility of some tween pop star doing the El Debarge theme song anew (warning – YouTube video contains more 80’s awesome than you can handle…).

Ally and Johnny 5 - a match made in the 80's...

I can understand why a studio would look at a project like this and think – “$$$!” – but I’m not sure that this is a premise which would translate brilliantly for today’s audience.   Kids today seem to sniff out contrivance and schtick with laser-like focus, so I’m wondering whether they would buy into the idea of lightning transforming a military weapon into a sentient hippy whimsy droid for a single second?

And who’s going to play Stephanie?  I’m trying to think of an actress who has the sigh-inducing sweetness of Ally Sheedy and I’m coming up more or less empty.   And which naive young fool would think that he has the dizzying comic chops to be able to step into the sizeable shoes of Steve Guttenberg?

Oh, the wrong-headedness of this plan – especially as the bloke who did THIS is supposed to making it


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Wright and Pegg at “The World’s End”

After a crappy day at work, believe me when I say that this picture makes things quite a bit better:

How's that for a bit of Fried Gold?

The mere prospect of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and (let us hope) Nick Frost working on the final part of their “Three Cornettos” trilogy makes me very happy.  Why not read Slashfilm’s take on things?

I met Simon Pegg once, at a signing for his autobiography/memoir/deranged ravings of a bearded genius, “Nerd Do Well”.  He was as splendid a chap as you could have hoped for and was very nice about my Scott Pilgrim shirt.  Isn’t it cool when the people that you admire turn out to be thoroughly decent?

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Posters from…beyond!

THIS I would pay to see.

You’ll be wanting to click-through for more posters like the “Avatar” one above – today’s hits and cult classics reimagined as though they starred icons from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

The “2001” Fritz Lang poster is particularly choice…


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Your moment of Friday afternoon comics zen…

Awesome Chinese Avengers Mash Up Art Get!

Behold!  Comic Book Resources’ “The Line It Is Drawn!” weekly art challenge, which this week got artists to imagine latter-day heroes in other time periods.  Pictured above, Michael “Mic?” Magtanong’s take on an Imperial China Avengers line-up.

Me likey.  Me would read muchly.



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Epic, gloriously nerdy Zelda music/cosplay mash-up time!

Where's my N64 at?

Like Zelda?  Love Cosplay?  Gaga for violins? Think that your Friday would be improved tenfold if only you could enjoy a video which combines your own distinctive triumvirate of ownage?

Well, Topless Robot directed me towards a video by Devin Graham, who has put together an homage to Nintendo’s classic “Zelda” games which has ace Link Cosplay action and stirring renditions of classic music from the “Zelda” canon.

If you don’t have a smile on your face whilst watching that video, hand in your geek cards – you’ve turned into a normal.

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The Amazon tablet – out in November?

Slashgear have a story on one of the Autumn’s more geeky and eagerly awaited tech products – the Amazon tablet.

The upshot of which is that Amazon are holding an Apple-style press conference next week and not telling us yet just what they’re announcing.  So that means the much-rumoured Tablet is real and we’ll all get to see it for the first time next Wednesday. Probably.

via MacRumors.com

See.  It’s a thing.  A heavily re-purposed Android tablet, with Amazon branding and services integrated.  Sold at a loss to get to some of the punters who’d love an iPad but can’t afford (or don’t want to pay) the Apple Tax.  I guess that I’m in that latter group – I’d be happy to use a device purely for media, but I’m aware that it’s an absurd, first world luxury item and one that I don’t really need.  Would like to have, perhaps, but I don’t need it – the distinction there is key and is one that I don’t think a lot of people make.

As a bona-fide Amazon fan I confess to being eager to see what they come up with on Wednesday – I haven’t yet bought a Kindle as I still quite like the feel of a paperback and the physical media display impulse is strong within me (an arguable disorder not made any easier by the Black Library’s tendency to have neat illustrations on the spine of their paperbacks, each of which has a different chapter of Space Marines on it).

For example:

And, lo - did the Nerd Overlords at the Black Library figure out new ways to divest me of cash...

Physical Media still gets the job done in some respects – you can’t beat a good book jacket or a nice typeface. I can’t see myself making the jump to eBooks until the publishers figure out some way to provide ancillary benefits to the collector which induce them to collect in a digital format.

So, to sum up – Amazon are doing something or other on Wednesday and I’m a massive nerd.  I think that’s everything…


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