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▶ Tenacious D streaming “Rise of the Fenix”


▶ Rize of the Fenix by Tenacious D – streamed by the band over at Soundcloud (being from the D, it goes without saying that you should expect some NSFW language…).

If you still need to steal music when a band are letting you hear it before you buy, then there’s no reasoning with some folks…

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“Aliens” on ice. Yes, that actually happened.

They're coming through the goddamned walls!

Via SFX magazine’s weekly round-up of spurious, sci-fi weirdness comes this self explanatory video of James Cameron’s peerless 1986 action horror masterpiece “Aliens”, rendered via the medium of ice dance.

Yes, quite.

Anything with a yellow power loader gets a free pass as far as I’m concerned and this is no exception.

Justin Bieber with a yellow power loader would be tolerable for at least ten seconds, surely?

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Awesome shirt of the day

I've seen the future, and it's an all-CG "Star Wars" with Justin Bieber as Han Solo.

Splendid web comic genius Joel Watson at Hijinks Ensue has another awesome shirt that you might consider picking up – it deals with a vitally important topic that I think we’ve all got an opinion on…

Seriously, if you’re not reading “Hijinks Ensue” on a regular basis,  you’ve got to examine what it is that you’re doing with your life.  It is the funny shizz (NSFW!), and the Hijinks Ensue podcast may actually kill you with laughter.

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