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Separated at birth…

Batman's terrifying nemesis Bane...


Hilarious "Futurama" sad-sack Dr Zoidberg

As documented by Buzzfeed“The Dark Knight Rises” big bad Bane is a dead ringer for “Futurama” alien doc Zoidberg, the essential difference between the two being that you can usually understand what Zoidberg’s saying at any given moment.

Sorry, Chris Nolan, but it had to be said.



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“The Dark Knight Rises” – trailer and prologue reaction

If you thought that Christian Bale's Batman was difficult to understand, you'll love Bane...

The slight matter of the prologue for “The Dark Knight Rises” only playing in select IMAX cinemas in the UK and the teaser trailer being attached to prints of “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” wasn’t going to be an impediment to me seeing them today.  Oh, heck no.

This being the age of internet Kung Fu and impeccably coded bread crumb trails concealed within forum posts, I was able to hop around the interverse for a few minutes and got to enjoy both slices of Christopher Nolan’s forthcoming conclusion to the Batman trilogy.

Yes, they were in borderline-imperceptible, somebody’s elbow-in-the-frame, gritty and grainy cam-vision but that’s neither here nor there.  SPOILERS for the preview footage follow.

The prologue, first.  This is the six-minute sequence which introduces the threequel’s villain Bane and does even more than the extended snow level did in “Inception” to surely position director Christopher Nolan as a future Bond helmer.    The action is huge, seems admirably practical in staging and offers a wonderfully frustrating teaser as to Bane’s motivations, back story and character.

Hardy is fantastic in this most brief of glimpses  – a brute of a man who is none the less intelligent, methodical and possessed of a deadpan sense of humour (his one-liner when asked about the goal of his plan is a classic).  If there is a problem, its that Bane’s headgear and electronically processed voice makes it difficult to understand much of his dialogue – a problem compounded when his hench persons rappel down to the jet he’s being transported on (from their own transport plane, as one’s L33T hench persons are wont to do) and proceed to systemically dismantle the bloody thing whilst it’s in mid-air:  It’s a bold gambit and one that I support completely.

The thing is, when you’ve got an already difficult to understand character, heavy-duty sound effects competing for attention in the audio mix and all kinds of visual chaos going on (and you’re relying on this to be your big introduction to the character who will be the main antagonist in the film), it would be nice to be able to understand the bulk of what he’s saying.

It’s a simple but presumably easy to fix post-production problem, which will hopefully be achieved by the time that we get to hear the final sound mix in the release prints.  Because, and call me crazy here, I’m not sure that I want to see a film where both of the main characters are nearly impossible to understand.  It’d be like watching those two titans of elusive diction, Miley Cyrus and Chris Tucker acting together on-screen.  The horror – the horror!

The trailer gives a real sense, meanwhile, of Gotham City’s slide into anarchy and injustice without the Batman on hand to cause massive property damage and beat up fellow costumed neer-do-wells.

We’ve got a football stadium being blown asunder by Bane’s forces, prison riots, mass disorder, the Tumbler being pursued by Batman’s Batwing, Bane standing triumphant and even some business from Anne Hathaway’s Selena Kyle, whose dialogue suggests that Nolan is going to deal with the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ and anti-globalisation protests in some fashion.  Rather him than Michael Bay, I guess?

Glib internet snarking aside, the trailer is quite heady stuff, even when seen in the murkiest quality possible and suggests that Nolan has lost none of his gift for translating the heightened reality of comic book characters and settings into something which approaches a convincing reality – it’s always seemed as though Christopher Nolan was directing the sort of genre movie which Michael Mann is so skilled in,  but interpolating his take on Bruce Wayne into a story of obsessively dedicated professional criminals and the people who try to catch them.  With more gadgets and a key to the dress-up box.

That may seem inordinately daft to some readers – why is he wasting his obvious talents on Batman when he could be exploring the territory that he brought to the screen in “Memento”? – but the seriousness and grounding that he brings to this character and this world feels just right to me.

If nothing else, he’s managed to almost wipe this rather terrible memory from my mind and for that, I thank him.


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The Dark Knight? Rises, you know…

Via Empire Online...

Not that Empire Magazine wants you to buy the next issue if you’re a fan of the Dark Knight or anything (there’s an alternate Bane cover on the site, too).


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“Batman: Arkham City” gets rave reviews…

Creatures of the night, what music they make...

Eurogamer love it, as does the Torygraph, Wired are a bit more cautious, but mostly delighted and The Guardian would like to call it the best game of the year, but can’t quite bring themselves to yet.

I’d say that Rocksteady Games have done the business again, wouldn’t you?


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Geek News, October 7, 2011

I kind of prefer the Kristen Stewart version, weirdly...

“Entertainment Weekly” have some pictures in their current issue from the Tarsem Singh “Snow White” project – this is the one with Lily Collins and Julia Roberts, not the competing one with Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth (which looks a bit more interesting).  Still, those Tarsem colours, huh?

Den of Geek, meanwhile, has set pictures from the Vancouver set of Zach Snyder’s “Superman” reboot, “Man of Steel”.  For some as yet unknown reason, Henry Cavill has gone the ‘Jesus Hobo’ look.  It’s a look, I guess…

From "21 Jump Street" teen idol to multi-generational icon. Nice work if you can get it.

Empire reports that Johnny Depp is filling up his dance card – he’ll be the lead in a biopic of Theodor Geisel, aka Dr Seuss and star in a new version of Dashiell Hammett’s “The Thin Man”.


Topless Robot, meanwhile, have some updates on the imminent “Batman – Arkham City” game – meet Robin, everyone, or ‘Tim Drake’ as he’s known to his mum.

Single-handedly erasing those terrible, Chris O' Donnell memories...

Finally, Digital Spy has a trailer for season two of “The Walking Dead”, which returns to FX in the UK on 21 October, at 10:00pm.


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“Batman – Arkham City” review – it’s a bit good.

This is my city. It's like somebody forgot to pay the electric bill, isn't it?

Those eagle-eyed scouts at NeoGaf have made a thread, so it must be true – Australian Official Playstation magazine have reviewed the eagerly-awaited “Batman – Arkham City” and given the game a euphoric 10 out of 10.


The ArkhamCity.co.uk forum also report on German magazine Play3 (game play video here) running a cover story next week – the online consensus on the translated magazine preview copy is that this is a 92% game.

Batman - caped crusader or mardy bum?

So, if I take down the last two chapters of “WH 40K: Space Marine”, turbo through “Gears 3” and find some spare cash down the back of several sofas, I should be in a good place to pick up “Arkham City” after I beat the first “Batman” game.

And breathe…

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“Batman – Arkham City” – new Joker video

Eurogamer – when not busy staging their London Games Festival this weekend – have new video up of the keenly-anticipated Rocksteady Games sequel, “Batman – Arkham City”.

Am I allowed to confess that I didn't finish the first game?

It’s Joker-centric, looks neat and there’s no way on Earth that I’ll have time to play it.

I have “WH40K – Space Marine” to power through, “Gears 3” to start and I’m swearing off anything else until “Uncharted 3” in November: no time for “Battlefield 3” or “Modern Warfare 3” (neither of which are my thing, to be honest) or “Skyrim” either.

Can some start-up do the decent thing and get on that time-freezing thing, please?


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