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Live action “Mass Effect 3” ad affects massively…

How about Sheffield City Hall for a change, invading alien overlords? Haters...

Any doubts that one might have had about the desire of games publishers to appeal solely to core gamers are neatly underlined by the new ad for “Mass Effect 3” – the wholly ambiguous and in no way on the chin “Fight” teaser, which you can see here.

Not looking good for the church's new roof fundraiser...

So, small children in the midst of civil unrest, young lovers embracing as the blasts hit and pious folks taking shelter in a church and major American landmarks getting jacked up – all good stuff to use to reach out to the folks who think that games are still like Mario the Hedgehog on the Nintendo Playstation.

Yep, that's a live-action ManShep alright...

One thing’s for damn sure after checking out this advert – you can see where EA are spending your Collector’s Edition cash …


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“Mass Effect 3” demo is THIS close…

I'm Commander Shepard and I'm about to cap your ass...

Despite my previously documented love – nay, lust – for Bioware’s “Mass Effect” series of sci-fi role-playing action games, I resisted the temptation at the weekend to follow NeoGaf’s handy-dandy workaround for getting early demo access (this would have involved me registering fake details on a US website and generally being a naughty boy – I can wait for the 14th of February, when the demo properly drops onto Xbox Live) and wait with gamers all around the world for a chance to get back into the “Mass Effect” swing of things.

As I chew my fingernails, try to remember which button triggers my infiltrator’s shield and toy with the idea of penning bad fan fiction (“Tali’Zorah vas Neema quietly went about her rounds in the Normandy’s engine room and frowned slightly within her encounter suit, tapping absently at her data slate and its momentarily puzzling readings.  She wondered why the machines down here were still much easier to relate to than Commander Shepard,her crew mates and the strange Alliance culture she now found herself living with” – it’s a work in progress, people, a work in progress…), why not join me in taking a look at Eurogamer’s video of the first twenty minutes of the demo?


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“Mass Effect 2” sequence gets second chance in “ME3”.

Per stories up at Joystiq and Kotaku, BioWare have taken a plot strand excised from the second game in the series and reinstated it in 2012’s eagerly-anticipated “Mass Effect 3”.

Hmm...sweet halation, bro...

The first thought which comes to mind is that this can’t really be all that big a plot strand if it can be left on the coding room floor, so to speak, and summarily added to another game.

Shepherd fetch quest for the win?

Snark aside, more “Mass Effect” can only be a good thing in my book.  Which reminds me, I’ve still got the “Lair of the Shadow Broker” DLC from “ME2” to get through over the Festive Season.

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The new hotness of “Mass Effect 3”

Over at Eurogamer, BioWare developer Jesse Houston draws a line under last week’s inadvertent “Mass Effect 3” leaks by sharing some more details about the upcoming RPG/Shooter/2012 behemoth-in-waiting.

Play as new alien characters or just bulldoze folks, Krogan-style.

There’s a lot to go into to and I wouldn’t presume to prioritize what’s important to you if you’re looking forward to the game – but co-op is discussed at some length…


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“Mass Effect 3” leaks! (For about five minutes)

In a story first posted over at the preternaturally quick-on-the-draw NeoGaf, the early test build of the new Xbox Live dashboard had an entirely unexpected surprise – a playable Beta of “Mass Effect 3”.   Some image spoilers for “Mass Effect 3” follow.

Accidental leak or buzz-building marketing ploy?

It was pulled back into the BioWare/Microsoft fold in but the breath of a second, but NeoGaf’s crack internet ninjas were able to grab screens and post them to fuel the agonising wait until March 2012.  There’s been a fair bit of internet negativity about the third installment – fans of the stats-heavy original RPG hybrid were dismayed by the combat emphasis of the second game and by how they felt it stepped away from the action-RPG genre and become a generic third-person sci-fi shooter – but I’m still confident that the third game will be a great conclusion to this trilogy.

Hmm...feel those stats, RPG nerds!

Three difficulties are noted on the screens in NeoGaf’s thread – there’s a story mode, if that’s where your play style lies, which emphasises narrative progression and eases the difficulty of combat, an action mode which does the opposite and a more balanced, classic mode which gives you the whole enchilada (I’m going to pin my colours to that particular mast).

Nothing that I’ve seen so far has but me off this title – an evolution of the great stuff done in the second game, rather than a ‘throwing-the-baby-out-with-the-bathwater’-style unnecessary reinvention.  Your mileage may vary, but I’m very keen to see what BioWare deliver with this game.

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“Mass Effect 3” multi-player – new info

I posted a story the other day about “Mass Effect 3” and the apparent dipping of its Krogan toe into the muddy intergalactic realms of multi-player.

Wouldn’t you know it? There’s only more info out there on the Inter Webs.

Rather than shoe-horning the “Mass Effect” franchise into some misbegotten, generic Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag-based mode malarkey, BioWare seem to be going the game design route less travelled, with the reveal of a multi-player campaign which can also influence aspects of your single-player Fem Shep play through.

Yes, my FemShep does look like Rachel Weisz. What of it?

Here, let BioWare explain it to you (via your friends and mine at Eurogamer).

There’s an IOS game and Facebook integration, too, but these appear to be optional add-ons rather than a necessity – which will be good cheer to those of us who would rather chew off our own toenails than faff about with social network.

As with every game now in release, there’s the “Project $10”-style online pass to activate with new copies or which must be purchased if you pick up a second-hand copy of the game.

I will now commence a robust programme of Fan Boy squeeing whilst I wait for the game.  It passes the time.

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“Star Wars: The Old Republic” release date announced

BioWare and Electronic Arts’ attempt to carve out a chunk of the MMO space, “Star Wars: The Old Republic” now has a release date.

Hmm, your anger betrays your focus, oddly cute Jedi padawan...

Announced during Eurogamer’s London Games Festival, the game is scheduled to debut in the US on December 20th and in Europe on December 22nd.  Each retail copy of the game will ship with a 30 day subscription that can be continued via an array of subscription plans.

Will this game persuade some of the 11.1 monthly subscribers of “World Of Warcraft” to try a new game or will it draw new players to the MMO genre?  Time will tell, but if any property has a universe expansive enough to appeal to a wide variety of players, it’s this one.  Mind you, it’s not the first time we’ve had a “Star Wars” MMO…

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